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Application security and the integrated development environment.

While application security is a critical priority for development teams, managing security testing within an integrated development environment has often been a significant challenge. Developers who are pressing to meet deadlines in agile or waterfall software development processes are often already managing a variety of separate tools. New AppSec technology that lacks flexible APIs and can’t easily be used within an integrated development environment will often see low adoption, leading to greater security challenges and more difficulty meeting the requirements ofregulatory frameworks such as HIPAA and SarbOx compliance.

To improve application security, Veracode offers a suite of desktop, web and mobile app security testing solutions in a cloud-based service that can be seamlessly combined in an integrated development environment to find and fix flaws at any point in the SDLC.

Veracode solutions for the integrated development environment

Veracode is a leading provider of application security testing technology that enables enterprises and development teams to ensure the security of software that is built, bought and assembled. As an easy-to-use, SaaS-based service, Veracode allows developers to test for vulnerabilities throughout the development process without having to open a new environment or learn a new tool. The Veracode Application Security Platform integrates with the developer’sintegrated development environment as well as the security and risk-tracking tools that developers already use.Flexible APIs enable development teams to create custom integrations or use community integrations built by the open source community and other technology partners.

Veracode integrates with Eclipse, IBM RAD and other Eclipse-based IDEs, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio. Before checking in code, Veracode allows developers to start a scan, review findings and triage results all from within their integrated development environment.

Veracode’s testing solutions for the integrated development environment include Static Analysis, Web Application Scanning, Software Composition Analysis, Vendor Application Security Testing and more.

Veracode Greenlight: testing within the integrated development environment.

Veracode Greenlight is a security testing solution that brings scanning right into an integrated development environment to test for flaws as developers write code. Veracode Greenlight runs in the background of an integrated development environment and provides immediate feedback on potential vulnerabilities, highlighting code that may be flawed and providing contextual tips on how to fix it. Greenlight provides insight into the type of flaw, such as SQL injection or buffer overflow, as well as the severity of the flaw and the exact line of code where the flaw is located.

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