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Prove Security is your Priority.

Veracode Verified Overview

Prove your company’s secure software development practices with Veracode Verified. Implementing this program helps you make security part of your competitive advantage, easily defend your AppSec budget, and better integrate security with development.

Unlike a single security attestation – we verify the secure development process around an application. With developers releasing applications and new features more frequently, a single point in time snapshot is not good enough.  Instead, we focus on continuous AppSec integrated into development – that’s DevSecOps.



  • 1st Party Code Scanned
  • Policy Defined
  • AppSec Program  Implemented



  • Development Security Champion
  • Open Source Component Scanning



  • Secure Coding Education
  • Early SDLC Integrations

What You Get

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    Letter of Attestation

    A document you can send to your customers to let them know that security is a priority for your business.

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    Directory Listing

    A public listing where you can point your customers to show the security of the software they are using.

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    A graphic for your website and documentation linked to the directory, proving the importance of AppSec to your business.

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    Marketing Assets

    Media kit to help your organization make security part of your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Visit the Verified Visibility Toolkit to learn more about promoting security as your competitive advantage.


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Security Is Your Competitive Advantage

Every day, your customers are reading about the latest data breaches and asking themselves. "Are the applications we use secure? Or will we be the next victim?"

84% of professionals agree that their companies are concerned about the potential data security risk posed by third-party applications. With Veracode Verified, you can make security part of your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your sales team and Product Managers will be thrilled to have just one more thing to help you win more business.

Defend Your Budget

How many of your application development teams today have secure development practices implemented? With Veracode Verified you will be able to track the maturity level of your AppSec program. You can quickly start with the basics and obtain the Standard level for all of your applications across the board. We will help you plan a path forward to take your most critical applications to the higher tiers, including the addition of secure coding education and a review of third-party components in the Team level, and integrating security into developer processes in the Continuous level. Every quarter, you will be able to show the progress to your executive board that you have achieved – helping secure and defend your budget, investment, and importance.

Integrate Better With Development

Are your developers concerned that you just don’t "get it"? They might see security as a potential roadblock to delivering their projects on time. Ask yourself, do you understand all of the details and difficulties that go into delivering high-quality code on time? Help your developers deliver applications faster.

Veracode Verified's Team level requirement for a Security Champion embedded in your development team can help your developers incorporate security better through these three steps:

  • Identify a Security Champion in the development team
  • Give your champion the security training they need to be successful
  • Leverage them as the connection between security and development

DevSecOps Tools In Action

One financial services software company increased its scan rate with Veracode by 70% in a four month period. In that same time, it managed to reduce the number of flaws reported within its software by 45%.

  • Financial Services

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