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Veracode Verified

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Application Security

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Your Customers Want Secure Software

Customers, now more than ever, are security conscious. Application security practitioners everywhere recommend a variety of testing types that provide both depth and breadth of coverage, and time-to-remediation requirements to ensure applications are secured quickly. Veracode has designed the Veracode Verified program to secure development processes and improve your application security posture, and by participating, you show dedication to proven AppSec principles to your customers.

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Secure Software Is a Competitive Advantage

Prove your company’s secure software development practices with Veracode Verified.

By participating in the Veracode Verified program, you’re empowered to make security part of your competitive advantage, easily defend your AppSec budget, and better integrate security with development by progressing through the Verified Tiers. You prove at a glance that you’ve made security a priority, and that your security program is backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry. And, sales teams and product marketing managers will have a powerful new way to win business.

Third-party security validation is a critical factor during the software buying process for 95 percent of business decision-makers. (Source: IDG)
Third-party security validation is a critical factor

Veracode Verified Program Tiers

Quickly and Effectively Reduce Your Risk

Proving the security of your software at a point-in-time only is no longer enough. AppSec must follow the speed of development, and Veracode Verified provides a proven model for your organization to adopt to continuously reduce risk.

Enable your organization to increase the velocity of your AppSec program. The Veracode Verified program helps you achieve faster remediation times, integrate security directly into the development lifecycle, and train developers on secure coding.

Scale your program, stay ahead of customer and prospect security concerns, speed up your secure development, and provide value back to the business without straining limited security resources.

Demonstrate Your AppSec Program Value

Veracode Verified allows you to champion AppSec internally, appealing across all your key stakeholders. Secure and defend your budget, investment, and program priority by measuring progress to your executive board.

Veracode Verified gives you a holistic, objective view of your AppSec program success. With a third-party assessment, you can evaluate your program today, track the maturity of the program, and chart a path forward to take your most critical applications to higher tiers over time.

And, of course, demonstrate the success of your AppSec program to your customers and prospects.

Achieve Tighter Integration With Development

Empower your development teams to incorporate security into their everyday workflows.

Cultivate security champions to drive DevSecOps practices, arm them with training and resources to be successful, and leverage them as a connection between security and development teams.