Application Security Risk

The application security risk of third-party software.

Managing application security risk has become increasingly complex as more enterprises rely on third-party applications when deploying or building software. Tracking risk in internal DevSecOps is one thing, but managing risk from software acquired elsewhere is quite another.

While using third-party software can help organizations increase the pace of innovation, it also opens up significant application security questions and risks: How much risk do third-party applications, commercial products and open-source software represent? How can enterprises motivate development teams to assess third-party risk with the same rigor as they assess internal applications? And what’s the most effective and cost-efficient way to determine application security risk in software that is purchased, outsourced or downloaded?

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Veracode offers an easy answer: testing solutions that can quickly scan third-party software to identify threats and vulnerabilities (such as the top OWASP security risks) and determine the exact level of application security risk each third-party application presents.

Minimize application security risk with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security tools and solutions that help to secure the business-critical software that enterprises rely on. With a collection of cloud-based testing services built on a secure cloud platform, Veracode simplifies application security while allowing development teams to integrate testing throughout the software development lifecycle.

Veracode’s testing service uses static and dynamic scans, software composition analysis and manual penetration tests to produce a report assessing the application security risk of each piece of software.

Benefits of Veracode solutions for application security risk.

  • When you manage application security risk with Veracode, you can:
  • Evaluate third-party software for risks and potential flaws quickly and easily.
  • Keep track of all open-source and commercial components in order to quickly assess your level of exposure when high profile open-source vulnerabilities are discovered.
  • Scale your program without needing to add additional security expertise.
  • Combine static analysis, dynamic analysis, web app monitoring, software composition analysis and other testing tools for a comprehensive program.

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