Automated Web Testing

Application Security Testing Improve application security with automated web testing.

Automated web testing tools are a critical priority for development teams that need to increase application security while meeting aggressive timelines.

Traditional solutions for addressing application security risk are fragmented and time-consuming, leading to problematic delays in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Consequently, developers tend to cut corners on security and testing, leading to inevitable problems, later in the process when flaws are found just before the software goes into production.

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Automated web testing solutions can help resolve these issues by taking the responsibility for testing out of the developers’ hands. With superior automated code testing solutions, development teams can inject security throughout the SDLC and fix flaws at the most cost-efficient point in the process.

Automated web testing from Veracode.

Veracode offers a unified platform with a suite of automated web testing tools that simplify testing and improve application security. Offered as a cloud-based subscription service, Veracode’s automated web testing solutions help to ensure the security of software applications and components that are purchased, built and assembled.

Veracode’s powerful platform combines automation, process, and speed to seamlessly integrate security into development. From static and dynamic analysis to web application penetration testing and security testing tools for mobile applications, Veracode automated web testing tools cover every stage of the software development lifecycle. By eliminating vulnerabilities at the point in the development process when it is most effective to do so, Veracode helps reduce the cost of application security testing. Veracode’s cloud-based delivery model lets customers ramp up quickly and see results on day one. And by enabling adoption of automated web testing technology, Veracode eliminates the need for additional staff or equipment to ensure application security.

Benefits of Veracode’s automated web testing solutions.

Veracode’s automated web testing solutions provide:

  • Faster testing. Veracode completes 80% of all static scans within four hours, helping development teams to maintain aggressive schedules.
  • Improve accuracy. Veracode’s automated web testing technology finds flaws and vulnerabilities that traditional scanning tools often miss.
  • Integrated tools. Veracode provides a unified platform for a broad range of testing technologies, as well as APIs and plug-ins that enable developers to initiate testing without having to open a separate environment.
  • Web application audit. Veracode’s Web Application Scanning technology performs an inventory of all external web applications, typically finding 30% to 40% more websites than customers knew existed.

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