Cloud-Native Architecture

Focus on Your AppSec Program, Not Operating Infrastructure

Effective AppSec Needs to Scale

Companies across all industries are changing the world through software. However, software introduces new risks that often result in data breaches – even though many organizations already have AppSec solutions in place.

Many on-premises and “lift-and-shift” cloud solutions are hard to manage, update, and scale. Security staff are tied up with operating infrastructure rather than advising development teams and managing the program. Even worse, this creates budget uncertainties and potential bottlenecks because security teams have to accurately estimate the peak scanning workload required throughout the year.

A Cloud-Native Solution

Veracode delivers a cloud-native solution for managing risk across your entire application portfolio. Our expertise is based on analyzing customer programs for more than a decade.

Gain unprecedented visibility into application status across all common testing types in a centralized view.

By bringing the full benefits of the cloud together with automated application analysis in the pipeline and on-demand expertise, Veracode enables developers, unifies teams and processes, and effortlessly scales your program as your business evolves.

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Get Better Service at a Lower Cost

Take advantage of economies of scale: with no hardware to purchase or software to maintain, you can dramatically reduce costs. The scalable Veracode SaaS solution eliminates the need to hire additional internal employees to manage AppSec tools. Onboard fast and start scanning from day one to rapidly reduce risk, demonstrate ROI, and hit audit deadlines.

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Stay Current for Stronger Security

Eliminate time-consuming, costly updates and keep defenses up to date. Ensure optimal support for the latest programming languages, frameworks, and versions. Unlock the benefits of collective learning so you can create secure software based on proven best practices.

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Gain Unprecedented Insights to Guide Your Program

Reduce security debt by following proven best practices based on 2,500 customer programs, many years of learning, trillion of scans – and counting. With Veracode Analytics, make confident, data-driven decisions about building and managing your AppSec program. Compare your performance to industry peers. Use this data to set goals and report progress to stakeholders.

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Eliminate Guesswork With Built-In Auto-Scaling and High Availability

Stop trying to predict future capacity needs. Easily manage scan spikes with built-in scalability. Ensure the service is up and running when you need it. Get an auto-scaling, high availability infrastructure at no extra cost.

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Get the Fastest Path to Accuracy

Eliminate time-consuming tuning and false-positive reviews. With a false-positive rate of 1 percent, developers can minimize distractions and focus on coding. Through a feedback loop, we continuously improve our algorithms based on trillions of lines of code scanned, so you can respond efficiently and confidently.

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Encourage Collaboration, Scale DevSecOps

Unify security and development processes through centralized workflows. Supercharge internal efforts with developer remediation advice from Veracode secure coding experts and guidance from Veracode program managers. Confidently reduce your organization’s risk of security breach.

Secure Your Software One Line at a Time