Benefits of a DAST test for application security

A dynamic analysis security testing tool, or a DAST test, is an application security solution that can help to find certain vulnerabilities in web applications while they are running in production.

A DAST test is also known as a black box test because it is performed without a view into the internal source code or application architecture – it essentially uses the same techniques that an attacker would use to find potential weaknesses.

A DAST test can look for a broad range of vulnerabilities, including input/output validation issues that could leave an application vulnerable to cross-site scripting or SQL injection. A DAST test can also help spot configuration mistakes and errors and identify other specific problems with applications.

While a DAST test is an essential part of application security testing, it cannot provide a complete picture of the vulnerabilities in an application. For comprehensive application security, black box testing must be combined with white box testing and other advanced tools.

That’s where Veracode can help.

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A DAST test solution from Veracode

Veracode application security solutions combine automation, process and speed to cost-effectively eliminate vulnerabilities during software development.

As a SaaS application security solution, Veracode makes application security testing simple and cost-efficient. With Veracode’s DAST test tool, development teams can access dynamic analysis on-demand and scale effortlessly to meet the demands of aggressive development deadlines. Veracode’s DAST test requires no investment in software, hardware or security experts – the technology is easy to use and supported by a team of world-class experts who are continually refining testing methodologies.

Veracode provides fast test results through an online portal along with a Fix-First Analysis that prioritizes results and identifies flaws for urgent remediation as well as issues that can be fixed most quickly, enabling developers to better optimize their time.

Advantages of Veracode’s DAST test solution

With a blackbox test tool from Veracode, you can:

  • Simulate the actions of an actual attacker to discover vulnerabilities not found by other testing techniques.
  • Run tests on applications developed in any language – JAVA/JSP, PHP and other engine-driven web applications.
  • Provide development and QA teams with a report on critical vulnerabilities along with information that lets them recreate the flaws.
  • Fix issues more quickly with detailed remediation information.
  • Develop long-term strategies for improving application security across your software portfolio using guidance and proactive recommendations from Veracode’s expert.

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