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Improve Application Security with a Blackbox Testing Tool

A blackbox test, also called a dynamic analysis security test (DAST test), is an invaluable part of any application security toolbox. Blackbox testing is a method for finding vulnerabilities and flaws in applications using the same techniques that hackers and malicious individuals might adopt when trying to breach application security. The blackbox test gets its name from the fact that testers have no access to applications source code or information about its architecture – they are testing blind or “in the dark”, as it were. This is in contrast to a white box test, where testers can view the source code and understand the structure of the application.

Blackbox test techniques are helpful for finding certain vulnerabilities such as input/output validation problems, mistakes related to server configuration, and other problem specific to applications. But a blackbox test on its own cannot identify every vulnerability in the application – other forms of testing are required to fully vet an application before it goes live. And while black box testing can help improve application security, it can also be a drag on development timelines if it is not well-managed and easily integrated into the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

For developers who want the ability to quickly and easily perform a blackbox test during application development, Veracode provides a SaaS-based black box test service to help improve application security without hindering development timelines.

About Veracode Dynamic Analysis

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A blackbox test tool from Veracode

Veracode is a leading provider of application security solutions for today’s software-driven world. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions and services on a unified platform, Veracode helps organizations assess and improve the security of applications so they can confidently innovate with the software they build, buy and assemble.

Veracode provides a comprehensive application security solution, combining blackbox test tools with static analysis (white box test) solutions and software composition analysis, as well as web application perimeter monitoring and vendor application security testing.

As a cloud-based security solution, Veracode lets you access blackbox test functionality as needed, scaling effortlessly to meet the demands of development deadlines. Veracode is cost-efficient, too, requiring no hardware or software investments and no additional staff or security consultants. Veracode’s blackbox test is supported by a world-class team of security specialists who are constantly updating testing methodologies.

Benefits of Veracode’s blackbox test solution

When you add Veracode’s blackbox test services to your testing protocol, you can:

  • Quickly identify vulnerabilities by simulating the actions of a malicious attacker.
  • Simplify application security testing – Veracode enables access to dynamic analysis through an online portal and returns results quickly.
  • Prioritize remediation with a Fix-First Analysis that identifies the most urgent and critical flaws as well as the ones that can be fixed most quickly.
  • Find hidden username/passwords, SQL strings, ODBC connectors and other sensitive information that hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to locations.

About the Veracode Application Security Platform

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