Secure Compliance

Meeting requirements for secure compliance in software development.

As governments enact more laws governing the security of information and punishing data breaches, organizations everywhere are looking for solutions that can secure compliance with data security regulations. From compliance with PCI 6.5 to SOX compliance, HIPAA compliance, and FISMA compliance, software developers must be aware of and comply with an increasingly complex set of regulations as they develop and upgrade applications.

The challenge lies in meeting these standards without adding time and cost overruns to the development process. Traditional testing techniques for application security are resource-intensive, and many organizations can’t adequately integrate them because of a lack of time, staff and money. As a result, many organizations are at risk of noncompliance or, in a worst-case scenario, a data breach that can be devastating for both vendor and customer.

The solution: automated tools for application security testing from Veracode that let you achieve secure compliance with regulations without having to manage new tools or add additional staff.

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Achieve secure compliance with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security solutions for companies that rely on software to deliver business-critical functionality. With a comprehensive suite of SaaS-based services unified on a cloud-based platform, Veracode simplifies testing to reduce cost and improve security throughout the development process.

With a wide range of testing tools, Veracode enables development teams to add security to every stage of the development process, from inception through production. And by resolving issues as they arise, rather than waiting until a later security hardening stage, Veracode helps to remediate flaws more effectively and efficiently.

Advantages of Veracode’s tools for secure compliance.

When you choose Veracode to help you achieve secure compliance, you can:

  • Track flaws, reviews and secure compliance on a single platform, using a central repository for information about software weaknesses as well as proposed, accepted and rejected medications.
  • Continuously monitor secure compliance with application security testing that integrates into your software development lifecycle. Conduct periodic discovery scans of web applications in your domain, monitor production web applications for vulnerabilities, and patch web application firewalls based on security intelligence.
  • Detect and prevent web-based attacks with automated defenses from Veracode Runtime Protection.
  • Automate and audit compliance workflows to reduce communication overhead and ensure an audit trail of secure compliance processes.

Learn more about secure compliance with Veracode, and about Veracode solutions for gray box testing and a PHP SQL injection test.

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