Cloud-based Security

Cloud-based security platforms improve control over third-party software.

When working with third-party software, a cloud-based security platform can help your development team ensure that code you’re acquiring is free of vulnerabilities and adheres to your security standards.

Despite the promises of third-party vendors, you never know exactly how strict their policies are when it comes to remediating flaws in the code they deliver. Is testing integrated into their entire SDLC? Did they leave time in their delivery timeline to adequately address vulnerabilities? What kind of application security tools do they use and how rigorous is their testing protocol? Does it include comprehensive testing – including static testing, dynamic testing and manual penetration testing?

With the right cloud-based security platform, the answers to these questions are irrelevant – you can test third-party software yourself to ensure it conforms to your expectations. Using a SaaS cloud security platform to evaluate third-party code lets you keep control over the quality of your software while moving forward with the confidence that the software you’re buying and building meets your security standards.

When choosing a cloud application security solution, more organizations large and small today are turning to cloud-based security services from Veracode.

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Cloud-based security from Veracode

Veracode’s cloud-based security solutions and services help to protect the business-critical applications that enterprises rely on every day. With a unified application security platform, Veracode’ cloud security applications provide comprehensive tools for testing code. Veracode’sSaaS application security services make it easy to integrate security into the entire software development lifecycle so you can find and fix flaws at the point in the process where remediation is most cost-efficient. And with the ability to manage all tools on one centralized platform, Veracode’s cloud-based security technology lets you address vulnerabilities quickly and easily without requiring more hardware or additional staff.

Veracode’s comprehensive cloud-based security solutions

Veracode’s cloud-based security solutions and services include:

  • Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing – a cloud-based security service that scans binaries rather than source code and provides a simple pass or fail for each vendor application.
  • Veracode Static Analysis – an automated process that lets you quickly identify and remediate security flaws in web, mobile, desktop and back-end applications.
  • Web Application Scanning (WAS) – a unified solution to help you find, secure and monitor all web applications, including applications you may have lost track of or did not know existed. Veracode WAS discovers and inventories all external web applications, then performs a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel to find vulnerabilities and prioritize risks. Veracode combines multiple scanning technologies on a single platform to help you more easily find and fix critical vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting and SQL injection in Java.

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