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Application Security That’s Pervasive, Not Invasive

Flexible Policy Management

  • Single interface to define a view of your comprehensive security policy

  • Support common policies like OWASP Top 10 and PCI

  • Reporting and insight for policy administrators and developers alike

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Cloud-Native SaaS Platform 

  • A platform that keeps itself current for you, including daily updates of our vulnerability database 

  • Over 16 years of data drives high accuracy and allows you to benchmark against your peers 

  •  Elasticity to ramp up when you need the extra power (remember log4j?)

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Security Integrated into The SDLC

  • Unified Analytics and Reporting

  • Benchmarking against others in your industry

  • Understand risk and prioritize remediation guidance

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Awarded for Excellence in Application Security

Secure Your Software One Line at a Time