DAST Assessment

Increase application security with a DAST assessment.

A dynamic analysis security testing assessment, or DAST assessment, is a crucial part of any web application security testing program. In a DAST test, applications are subjected to simulated attacks in real time to find flaws that hackers could exploit once the software goes live.

While static analysis analyzes source code, a DAST assessment is performed without any knowledge of the application’s structure or access to its code. A DAST assessment is performed purely from the view of an outsider, using the kinds of attack methods that malicious individuals might use to penetrate application security. A DAST assessment can be helpful in finding a broad range of flaws such as server configuration mistakes, input/output validation problems and other issues specific to applications.

As important as a DAST assessment can be, managing DAST web application testing can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, causing problems for development teams racing to meet aggressive deadlines. When you want to automate and simplify your DAST assessment processes to deliver better software at a faster pace, Veracode offers cloud application security solutions that can be deployed throughout the software development lifecycle.

Dynamic Analysis in a DevSecOps World

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DAST assessment tools from Veracode.

Veracode provides application security solutions for organizations that depend on business-critical software. With Veracode’s unified platform, you can work at improving security from inception through production, seamlessly integrating static and DAST assessment technology throughout the development process.

Veracode Web Application Scanning combines a DAST assessment tool with static analysis and other technologies to find, secure and monitor websites and applications more effectively. Veracode’s DAST assessment tool helps to find hidden security issues often missed by other products, looking in directories, debug code, leftover source code and resource files to find information that hackers could exploit in order to gain access to the application. From hidden usernames and passwords to ODBC connectors and SQL strings, Veracode identifies potential vulnerabilities to enable faster fixes.

Benefits of Veracode’s DAST assessment solutions.

  • With DAST assessment technology from Veracode, you can:
  • Find vulnerabilities in finalized release candidate software before shipping.
  • Scan applications are written in PHP, Java/JSP, and other engine-driven web applications.
  • Fix flaws faster with reports about critical vulnerabilities that enable QA teams to easily re-create issues.
  • Improve long-term application security strategies with guidance on proactive steps to take to improve overall security in your software portfolio.

Learn more about a DAST assessment with Veracode, and about Veracode tools for data leak protection and preventing XSS.

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