Third-party Risk Assessment

How to make third-party risk assessment easier.

When it comes to purchasing software, third-party risk assessment is more difficult today than ever. Applications – and web applications especially – are the leading point of attack for cyber criminals, yet commercial applications today are released with an average of 83 vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers. To avoid security breaches, organizations and software development teams must be very careful about introducing vulnerabilities from third-party software into the application development process. Regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS and others require a third party security assessment for all applications in the software supply chain.

Yet performing a third-party risk assessment is not an easy task. The time involved in performing manual penetration black box tests can be a hindrance to aggressive development timelines. And performing static analysis is not always a possibility – software vendors are understandably reluctant to release source code for testing, viewing it as confidential intellectual property.

Fortunately, Veracode provides a solution to third-party risk assessment with a scalable service that enables development teams to quickly and easily scan software that has been purchased or downloaded, and to determine whether the code meets requirements for third party risk management.

About Third-Party Security

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Simplify third-party risk assessment with Veracode.

Veracode provides cloud-based solutions that significantly improve security for the applications that are critical to business operations. Veracode’s suite of SaaS cloud security services are designed to provide seamless and integrated enterprise application testing throughout the software development lifecycle and procurement processes.

Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing (VAST) delivers an easy-to-use third-party risk assessment tool that can quickly deliver a pass/fail grade for each piece of third-party software. Veracode’s 3rd party risk management solution uses static testing to scan binaries rather than source code, enabling vendors to submit their software for testing without needing to disclose the source code or intellectual property. Highly scalable, Veracode’s technology has helped thousands of organizations improve application security and third-party risk assessment over the past decade.

Advantages of Veracode solutions for third-party risk assessment.

With third-party risk assessment solutions from Veracode, you can:

  • Get a simple pass or fail grade for each third-party application.
  • Identify all open source and commercial components, allowing you to quickly assess your exposure when high profile open source vulnerabilities are discovered.
  • Implement and improve third-party risk assessment protocols without needing to add staff or specialists.
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory frameworks that require third-party risk assessment as part of the software supply chain.
  • Manage all application security testing from a single platform – Veracode’s solutions also include software composition analysis, dynamic analysis security testing, manual penetration testing and other application security services.

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