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Enterprise application testing OWASP testing tools help remediate the biggest security threats.

As you seek to focus your efforts at improving application security, acquiring OWASP testing tools is a great first step.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit organization that provides unbiased information about threats to application security along with an OWASP Top Ten list of the most critical security flaws in web applications – the ones that are often the easiest for attackers to find and exploit. Consequently, employing OWASP testing tools (enterprise application testing solutions that can help to find and fix the top OWASP security flaws) can have tremendous impact on your efforts to secure web applications and your organization.

OWASP testing tools are particularly helpful for organizations that aren’t sure how to begin working at application security. And when it comes to choosing best-of-breed OWASP tools forweb app security testing, organizations worldwide turn to Veracode.

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Veracode delivers superior OWASP testing tools

In a business environment driven by software, Veracode provides cloud security applications and testing tools that deliver a simpler and more scalable approach to reducing application-layer risk. Combining automation, process and speed, our cloud-based services and OWASP testing tools help organizations to seamlessly integrate security into software development, eliminating flaws at the most cost-effective points in the SDLC.

With OWASP testing tools from Veracode, you can quickly and cost-effectively identify the most serious security flaws and take immediate steps to remediate them. Our unified, cloud-based platform makes it easy to start and easy to scale application security. Our OWASP testing tools are simple to use and won’t slow development cycles, allowing you to quickly improve security while significantly reducing remediation costs.

Comprehensive OWASP testing tools from Veracode

Our OWASP testing tools include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a tool that works within your IDE to provide feedback and advice on remediating issues as code is being written. Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan scans in the background and provides accurate and actionable results to find and fix issues early, rather than waiting until a later stage when remediation is costlier.
  • Veracode Static Analysis, a testing tool that analyzes major frameworks and languages to identify and remediate application security flaws. Veracode Static Analysis provides accurate results and prioritizes them based on severity, enabling your teams to address the greatest risks first.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis, a solution for identifying and fixingopen source vulnerabilities and for building an inventory of open source components.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning, a tool for securing and monitoring existing websites, including the ones you may not know about.
  • Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing, a solution for testing third-party software without requiring access to source code.

Learn more about OWASP testing tools from Veracode and about Veracode solutions for data leak protection.

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