Security Labs Community Edition

Security Labs Community Edition

Contextual Developer Learning to Improve Your Secure Coding Know-How

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Learn by Doing

Developers, Are You Ready To …

Hack and Patch Real Applications

Get hands-on experience with top vulnerabilities and see the fix impact in a live app, in real-time.

Level-Up Your Coding Approach

Add secure coding to your list of skills by fixing issues that you face regularly, in the languages you’re most comfortable with. 

Complete Labs in Minutes

With labs under 10 minutes, you can learn fast and gauge your progress in real-time for quick feedback. 

Step Into the Lab

Explore Veracode Security Labs Community Edition by watching our brief demo. 

You will learn how to select a labs from the dozens of available courses and how to access the live terminal section to connect to a containerized environment to exploit and patch a vulnerability within the code editor.

products security labs community
products security labs community

How Security Labs Community Edition Compares to Enterprise Edition

Veracode Security Labs is a hands-on coding experience that gives developers the opportunity to not only learn about security concepts but also practice and master writing secure code.

Enterprise Edition is designed for development teams and includes hundreds of labs, competition-mode leaderboards, and other capabilities that make it easy and interesting to engage the team. Plus, Enterprise Edition offers comprehensive admin functionality so managers can assign relevant content, keep track of team progress, and demonstrate compliance.

Community Edition is a lightweight, always free, preview of Enterprise Edition that allows individual developers to jump right in and start learning.

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