Veracode Security Labs Community Edition

Veracode Security Labs Community Edition

Hands-on Training to Improve Your Secure Coding Know-how

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Hack and Patch Real Applications

You work fast in software development, pivoting daily on projects to create applications that power the world. Secure coding skills are critical to keeping your innovative apps safe and functioning properly, but where do you start? Veracode Security Labs Community Edition is made for individual developers; it’s a complimentary version of Veracode Security Labs Enterprise Edition that helps you learn the ins and outs of the most common security vulnerabilities and create code that is secure from the start. Building that knowledge earlier into the development process saves time, reduces pressure, and better prepares you and your team of developers for overcoming risky flaws in the future.

products security labs community
products security labs community

Secure Coding as a Competitive Advantage

It’s not a boring video quiz or just another box to check. Practice exploiting and remediating real apps in containerized environments, learning to think the way threat actors do. With courses ranging from beginner to advanced, you’ll practice fixing everyday issues that you face regularly, in the languages you’re most comfortable with – giving you and your team an edge on the competition when it comes to getting secure software to market quickly.

Risky Flaws: Squashed

Veracode Security Labs Community Edition not only boosts your knowledge about the riskiest vulnerabilities and how to remediate them, but it also helps you and your team of developers learn how to avoid them altogether. Interactive threat scenarios train you through muscle memory so you’re ready to squash flaws on the fly, and with easy setup in under 10 minutes, you can start practicing right away and gauge your progress in real-time for fast feedback.

products security labs community
products security labs community

Get Started Solving Labs

When you’re ready to get started solving labs and improving your knowledge with Veracode Security Labs Community Edition, begin by selecting a lab from the dozens of available courses.

From there, access the live terminal section to connect to a containerized environment to exploit and patch a vulnerability within the code editor.

After exploring practical examples of exploits within the platform, you can hit the ground running and begin applying new skills to threat scenarios your applications face daily.

Solve Secure Coding Challenges

Veracode Security Labs Community Edition is our forever-free option for developers who want to gain knowledge about the latest security topics. Developers can get real-world practice with vulnerability scenarios in modern web applications by providing containerized apps they can exploit and patch right from their browser.