Application Control Audit

Secure your software with an application control audit.

An application control audit is designed to ensure that an application’s transactions and the data it outputs are secure, accurate and valid. As applications have become the primary attack vector for malicious individuals seeking to breach enterprise defenses, the application control audit has become an important tool in ensuring that software is free from flaws and vulnerabilities that might be exploited by hackers.

Performing an application control audit for every piece of software in your application portfolio can be both time-consuming and expensive. This type of application security assessment typically involves Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST), also known as black box testing, which seeks to find weaknesses by probing and attacking an application in a runtime environment just as a hacker would. The time involved in this kind of web application audit often causes tension with aggressive development timelines, and development teams will frequently postpone testing until later stages of development. The risk is that when an application control audit reveals weaknesses at this stage, the flaws are harder and more expensive to fix.

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Veracode offers an alternative: on-demand services for an application control audit and other testing techniques that are easy and cost-efficient to use, enabling them to be integrate easily at any point in the development lifecycle.

Application control audit solutions from Veracode.

Veracode provides application testing services for businesses that rely on software for mission-critical operations. Veracode’s suite of cloud-based testing services not only provide an application control audit solution, but static analysis testing, software composition analysis and vendor application security testing as well. Veracode’s testing services are especially helpful in achieving PCI 6.5 and HIPAA compliance, as well as compliance with a broad range of other regulatory frameworks.

Veracode Web Application Scanning is a powerful service for identifying, securing and monitoring all of an enterprise’s web applications, even the ones that IT teams have lost track of. To use the service, developers simply use an online portal to initiate a scan. This Veracode service discovers and inventories all external web applications, performing lightweight scans on thousands of applications in parallel to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize risks. Web Application Scanning also runs authenticated scans on critical applications, using dynamic analysis to perform an application control audit to reveal weaknesses that include input/output validation errors, as well as hidden usernames and passwords, SQL strings, ODBC connectors and other sensitive information that hackers might exploit.

Benefits of Veracode’s application control audit services.

  • When you choose to protect your software with application control audit services from Veracode, you can:
  • Integrate the application control audit into the software development lifecycle.
  • Improve cross site scripting prevention by identifying weaknesses in products before they ship.
  • Get a detailed report of critical vulnerabilities along with detailed remediation information on how to fix the flaws most quickly and effectively.
  • Gain guidance from Veracode experts on ways to develop long-term strategies to address application security across your portfolio.

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Learn more about an application control audit from Veracode, and about Veracode’s solutions for FISMA compliance.