Sustainability & Governance

Sustainability & Governance

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At Veracode, we aim to be efficient and sustainable in our operations, minimizing our environmental impact wherever possible.

Energy Conservation

Veracode operates in a LEED Gold certified building, the highest standard for green certification for buildings. This LEED certification ensures that we minimize our energy and water consumption, avoid waste, improve indoor air quality, and limit our environmental impact. Our headquarters is also an Energy Star and Fitwel certified campus, meeting the strict energy performance standards set by the EPA.

Waste Management and Recycling

We are committed to increasing our purchase of recycled and reusable items, and have set goals to audit our waste streams and increase our diversion rates. In addition, we:

  • Employ a single stream recycling and composting program in our cafe
  • Use completely paperless and digital services for client-facing work
  • Increase energy efficiency by maximizing the use of space and minimizing the use of energy by installing motion and occupancy sensors



We foster a culture of honesty and accountability, and strive to anticipate future sustainability risks and opportunities, new regulations, and market trends to ensure the responsible development of our business.

We have a passion and commitment for security

Veracode maintains a comprehensive privacy program to ensure compliance with applicable data privacy laws. The program is designed to protect the personal data of our customers, prospective customers, and employees, as required by applicable data privacy laws, and to ensure that our vendors and partners maintain those same protections. Furthermore, Veracode publishes a cookie policy on its website that discloses the information collected from website visitors via cookies.

We foster a culture of honesty and accountability

The Veracode Code of Conduct and Business Ethics is the foundation on which our values are built, and we expect our employees to follow the highest possible ethical standards in conducting business on our behalf. As we are committed to ethical behavior in every aspect of our business and in every relationship, our goal is to partner with people and companies that have the same values we expect from ourselves. In the future, we aim to fully integrate ESG criteria into our risk management system and our management.