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Stop SQL injections with application security testing.

SQL injections are among the most frequent threats to data security. SQL injections exploit weaknesses in software that lets criminals take control of the database for an application to access or destroy data, alter the database’s behavior and other unwanted actions.

SQL injections are successful when attackers can trick software into sending unexpected SQL commands to the database. One of the most frequent examples is when an application doesn’t adequately sanitize data entered into a web form field before including it as part of the database query. In this scenario, hackers are easily able to enter their own SQL commands in the form field and have them sent to the database.

Preventing SQL injections and website SQL attacks is fairly easy, yet many organizations fail to take the simple steps to prevent breaches which can potentially cause significant damage to business, reputation and the bottom line.

Veracode helps to prevent SQL injections and to eradicate other malicious software with a suite of on-demand application testing services that enable developers to embed security throughout the SDLC.

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Combat SQL injections with Veracode.

Veracode is an industry leader in application security solutions that help organizations protect the software that is vital to business. Our cloud-based testing services make it easy to test applications for flaws throughout the development process, enabling developers to remediate issues quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Veracode solutions can help to identify and eradicate many of the most dangerous security risks, including SQL injections, cryptographically insecure storage, broken authentication and session management, cross site scripting and many more.

Veracode solutions for preventing SQL injections.

To help identify and remediate SQL injections, Veracode provides several powerful SaaS-based services that include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis. This on-demand service scans compiled binaries to evaluate security and identify issues in microservices, desktop, mobile and web applications. Accurate results are returned quickly – within four hours for most applications – and include step-by-step remediation guidance that enables developers to find flaws and fix them faster.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning. This service discovers, secures and monitors all public facing websites and web applications, performing lightweight scans on thousands of sites in parallel to identify critical vulnerabilities like SQL injections and prioritize risks by severity. Web Application Scanning also can put run authenticated scans on critical applications.

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