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Security Leaders: Time for an About-Face?

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By Doug Bonderud November 16, 2015  | Security News

Chief information security officers (CISOs) are under fire. According to Bloomberg BNA, both CISOs and chief information officers (CIOs) are now at risk of being named in post-breach lawsuits because these executives, "by dint of their role and purported experience, assume a fiduciary duty to the shareholders." In response, both the ideal candidates and CISO job descriptions are... READ MORE

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Time for a Checkup?

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By Doug Bonderud November 9, 2015  | Security News

Discussions of cybersecurity are making their way into boardrooms — but that doesn't mean C-suite executives are fully up-to-date on threats, vulnerabilities and remediation techniques. As noted by The Wall Street Journal, just 11 percent of board members surveyed in a recent National Association of Corporate Directors study claimed a "high level" of knowledge about... READ MORE

Cybersecurity and Corporate Liability

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By Eric Seymour November 5, 2015  | Security News

Security is now the second leading risk to a company’s brand – ahead of traditional risks related to safety, health, and the environment, according to Deloitte. It should come as little surprise that legal risk related to cybersecurity is becoming a major concern for corporate directors. Pressure is building for boards and management teams to deal with cybersecurity issues that can... READ MORE

Open Letter to Joe Biden - Consider security as your next career move

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By Jessica Lavery October 22, 2015  | Security News

Dear Vice President Biden, Joe, may I call you Joe? For months, political pundits, voters and the Democratic Party have been asking “will he or won’t he” with regard to your potential presidential intentions. On Wednesday, when you stood in the White House Rose Garden and announced that you will not run for president in 2016, you marked the end of what CNN described as your... READ MORE

Chinese Using SQL Injection for Cyberattacks on Pharma & Technology Firms

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By Phil Neray October 21, 2015  | Security News

Summary Cyberattackers linked to the Chinese government are attacking pharmaceutical and technology firms to steal their intellectual property, with 13 attempts identified during the past 30 days alone. Many of the intrusions were done through Web server compromises, with SQL injection being the prefered vector of implanting malware scripts which provide privileged access to internal networks.... READ MORE

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing: Fact or Fabrication?

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By Doug Bonderud October 19, 2015  | Security News

Manufacturers face a significant challenge when it comes to cybersecurity. Along with the task of protecting internal network systems and trade secrets, IT professionals are also on the hook to develop defensible architecture for any Internet-enabled technology they develop and deploy. The result? Cybersecurity in manufacturing is often more fabrication than fact. According to CA Veracode's... READ MORE

Top 5 Lessons C-Level Executives Can Learn From British Security Professionals

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By Shawn Drew October 16, 2015  | Security News

While suffering a cyberattack may be an eventuality these days, one organization's experience with cybercrime can be very different from another's. Anecdotal evidence from business leaders regarding information security can be interesting, but it's impossible to understand what's truly going on in the industry without gaining insight from hundreds of organizations. That's why... READ MORE

Threat Intelligence Sharing: Is Your Enterprise Ready?

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By Shawn Drew August 25, 2015  | Security News

There's little wonder why the concept of threat-information sharing is becoming so popular: It represents a state where security professionals can share and access real-time threat information, greatly increasing their ability to respond to emerging threats. But while the concept of open threat intelligence is gaining significant traction, the movement is still truly in its infancy.... READ MORE

SOS: Security Remediation and the Future of Training

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By Evan Wade August 19, 2015  | Security News

In some ways, training is one of the most inherently scalable practices a growing business can implement. What's easier than putting a bunch of employees in a conference room or requiring them to sign into a web-based program, after all? In other ways, however, crucial tasks such as coaching and continuing education don't always get the treatment they deserve, especially as an... READ MORE

The Rise in Global Cyberattacks Highlights the Dangers of Cyberespionage

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By Pierluigi Paganini August 19, 2015  | Security News

Recently, the US government announced that a major data breach, likely backed by Chinese hackers, had exposed the data of over 4 million government workers. Government officials believe this incident could be one of the largest breaches of federal employees' data. Though drastic, this is just one of many episodes demonstrating the rise of cybercrime. The number of cyberattacks on the global... READ MORE

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