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Report: A Cyberattack Could Severely Disrupt the US Financial System

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By Meaghan McBee January 21, 2020  | Secure Development
Financial Cyberattack

A new staff report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York highlights the risk and potential fallout that a sophisticated cyberattack might have on the United States. In the report, analysts examined a scenario in which a single-day shock hits the country’s payment network, Fedwire, measuring the broad impact it would have on the economy. The results? A significant 38 percent of the network... READ MORE

State of Software Security v10: 5 Key Takeaways for Developers

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By Meaghan McBee January 13, 2020  | Research
SOSS X Developer Takeaways

In case you missed it, this year we launched our 10th annual State of Software Security (SOSS X) report! Armed with a decade of data, the Veracode team analyzed 85,000 applications to study trends in fix rates, mounting security debt, shifts in vulnerability by language, and more. What did we uncover? At the core of our research, we found there’s still a need for better remediation processes and... READ MORE

How to Leverage YAML to Integrate Veracode Solutions Into CI/CD Pipelines

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By Kevin Rise November 14, 2019
Integrating Veracode into your CI/CD pipeline

YAML scripting is frequently used to simplify configuration management of CI/CD tools. This blog post shows how YAML scripts for build tools like Circle CI, Concourse CI, GitLab, and Travis can be edited in order to create integrations with the Veracode Platform. Integrating Veracode AppSec solutions into CI/CD pipelines enables developers to embed remediation of software vulnerabilities directly... READ MORE

Data Extraction to Command Execution CSV Injection

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By Jamie Rougvie September 6, 2019
How to avoid CSV injection

As web applications get more complex and more data driven, the ability to extract data from a web application is becoming more common. I work as a principal penetration tester on Veracode’s MPT team, and the majority of web applications that we test nowadays have the ability to extract data in a CSV format. The most common software installed in corporate environments is Microsoft Excel, and this... READ MORE

The Top Five Web Application Authentication Vulnerabilities We Find

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By Jamie Rougvie July 26, 2019
Details on the most common web application authentication vulnerabilities

One of the most important parts of a web application is the authentication mechanism, which secures the site and also creates boundaries for each user account. However, during my years of testing web applications, it’s still very common to find authentication mechanisms with vulnerabilities. I currently work as a principal penetration tester on Veracode’s MPT team, and I would say nine out of 10... READ MORE

Summer Reading and Listening: Dive in, Developers!

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By Jessica Hawks July 9, 2019

Summer’s longer days and slower pace invite us to pick up a book, follow our questions, and try our hand at something new. At Veracode, I get the chance to talk with our developers about the experiences that led them to the work they do today. How did they begin to cultivate the security-mindedness that they bring to their coding? Was it a book they stumbled upon, a salient moment in the wake of... READ MORE

Summer Reading: Dive Into the Security Classics

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By Dan Murphy July 9, 2019

Shakespeare. Brontë. Dickens. In literature, the classics have long been a staple of summer reading lists. Computer security has its own share of classics – reference points that serve as a foundation for understanding the field’s ever-changing chessboard of attack and defense. This list of computer security summer reading can be enjoyed either lounging on the beach with sand beneath your toes,... READ MORE

Live From Gartner Security & Risk Mgmt Summit: Pair Security Trainings With Technical Controls

Live from Gartner Security and Risk Mgmt Summit

“We often forget that technology cannot solve the world’s problems.” That was one of the opening lines of Joanna Huisman’s session “Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training” at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, MD. While her Magic Quadrant doesn’t address DevSecOps trainings, I took away some valuable lessons that also apply to this area.... READ MORE

Code makes the world go 'round. Well, code and love. So love your code.

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By Jessica Hawks March 20, 2019

Your code is powerful, clever, and elegant—but is it secure? More than ever, code makes the world go 'round. From smart home thermostats to critical infrastructure to integrated clinical environments in hospitals, code runs so much of what touches our lives every day. Sometimes we are explicitly aware that we are interacting with software but increasingly we are not—code runs quietly amid the... READ MORE

Veracode included in new Forrester Now Tech: Software Composition Analysis, Q1 2019

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By Pete Daly February 19, 2019  | Research

Vulnerable components in software lurk everywhere. At the same time, business competitiveness hinges on the speed and quality of software delivery. So, how does an enterprise not only keep up with application security, but also thrive despite the threats posed by risks in their software? A software composition analysis (SCA) solution can help organizations identify known vulnerabilities from open... READ MORE

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