Jamie Rougvie

Jamie Rougvie, Principal Penetration Tester Jamie Rougvie is an information security professional with more than seven years of experience. He currently works as a principal penetration tester on Veracode’s MPT team. Jamie has experience in both network penetration testing and web applications, and in the past has worked as a check team leader. Jamie loves a challenge and in his spare time loves to learn new things as well as help others learn.
Posts by Jamie Rougvie

The Top Five Web Application Authentication Vulnerabilities We Find

July 26, 2019

One of the most important parts of a web application is the authentication mechanism, which secures the site and also creates boundaries for each user account. However, during my years of testing web applications, it’s still very common to find authentication mechanisms with vulnerabilities. I currently work as a principal penetration tester on Veracode’s MPT team, and I would say nine out of 10... READ MORE



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