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Hendy Chua

Hendy is part of the CA  Veracode SCA team, building software that scans and analyses software composition of projects.

Posts by Hendy Chua
  • Evaluation Framework for Dependency Analysis

    At SourceClear, we build tools that help customers detect and manage security vulnerabilities in the open source libraries they use. We constantly ask ourselves this question, “What makes a good OSS management tool?” At the end of the day, we believe, it comes down to data. Up-to-date and reliable data. If your project is using the the latest version of Library A which was published 1 day ago,… READ MORE

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  • SourceClear scanning now supports SBT, CocoaPods and Yarn projects

    oday we released a new agent that supports scanning SBT, CocoaPods and Yarn projects, adding to the list of build systems and package managers that we already support. To get this feature users can simply update their agents (i.e. brew upgrade srcclr). SBT Projects For an SBT project to be discovered by our agent, it must contain build.sbt. The agent uses our SBT plugin to build the dependency… READ MORE

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