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Evan Wade is a professional freelance writer, author, and editor from Indianapolis. His time as a sales consultant with AT&T, combined with his current work as a tech reporter, give him unique insight into the world of mobile/Web security and the steps needed to properly secure software products. Follow him on Twitter.
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The Big Talk: Explaining Cybersecurity to Your CFO

August 3, 2015  | Managing AppSec

Saying one thing and doing another isn't exactly a new practice in the business world. That doesn't mean it's a good thing, however, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Take these disturbing numbers from a recent Deloitte study, for instance: 74 percent of CFOs say digital security is a top priority, but only about half of CFOs expect at least moderate business disruption from... READ MORE

How a DevOps Team Can Transform Your Company

July 28, 2015  | Secure Development

At a conceptual level, you can compare most moderately complex businesses to the inner workings of a mechanical clock. They both require several parts moving in sync to function (think accountants, sales reps and marketing). Apply that analogy to the software development industry, and you have something resembling a cuckoo clock. Forgetting the countless integral external roles, core... READ MORE

The Home Depot Breach Offers Key Lessons for Those Hoping to Avoid a Similar Fate

July 27, 2015  | Security News

Retail stores (and especially big-box, multiple-store, nationwide retail businesses) face unique security challenges when adapting to advancements in the digital age. Whether you're talking about the Internet or the smart devices that made it mobile, as a result of their existence, big-name resellers collect tons of sensitive consumer information every minute of every hour of every day... READ MORE

The Scalability Challenge, Part Two: Maintaining Both Speed and Security in the Software Development Lifecycle

July 24, 2015  | Managing AppSec

Speed kills, but so does slowness. Those six words go a long way in explaining the complicated relationship between speed and security, not to mention a classic trade-off problem in the development world: Every organization needs to secure the software it's developing, but none can risk slowing its software development lifecycle in the process. In a lot of ways, however, this problem is as old as... READ MORE

Stop Siloing! 3 Tips to Enhance Interdepartmental Communication

July 23, 2015  | Managing AppSec

Like a lot of modern methodologies, DevOps is a set of practices and philosophies designed to alter the way we develop software. Unlike most other methodologies, however, DevOps puts a major emphasis on cooperation and communication, instead of focusing solely on nuts-and-bolts processes such as design and coding. If you've spent much time reading about DevOps, then you probably know all... READ MORE

A Broad Look at DevOps: Why It Came to Be and How It's Changing the Development World

July 22, 2015  | Secure Development

If you've been working in development long at all, you've probably heard the term "DevOps" kicked around quite a bit — and if you work in a non-technical capacity, you probably ask yourself what the heck it is every time you see the word. The problem with answering this question is the term means different things depending on who you ask. Like most industry buzzwords, the... READ MORE

In DevOps Culture, Communication and Collaboration Are Key

July 21, 2015  | Secure Development

There's a reason DevOps culture values effective communication and collaboration so highly. In an industry where distributed offices full of crucial roles are the norm — and one where even departments within the same buildings tend to distrust one another — any improvement in the way people interact is bound to have some positive results, especially when so many moving parts need... READ MORE

How DevOps, Rapid Deployment and Security All Fit Together

July 20, 2015  | Secure Development

As the heir apparent to Agile, DevOps brings a lot of the methodology's traits to the table — including some of its flaws. Or, more accurately, its supposed flaws: As Veracode has shown, the security concerns associated with Agile are avoidable, and it's the same way with DevOps. In the context of rapid deployment, i.e., the main tentpole of DevOps philosophy, that can mean a few... READ MORE

Cloud-Based Security Brings First-Party Control to Third-Party Offices

July 9, 2015

For all the crucial gaps they fill and critical services they provide, third-party software vendors give the first parties who hire them plenty of challenges to overcome — and they almost all center around the idea of control. As a rule, first parties don't have the ability to exert direct influence over their vendors. That means the strongest business agreements and strictest... READ MORE

The Scalability Challenge, Part One: 5 Application Security Issues — and How to Handle Them

July 7, 2015

Every enterprise has a unique security challenge. What's yours? Truth be told, with every organization in the world becoming a de facto tech company, "a" security challenge isn't the right way to describe it. As the challenges and shortcomings outlined in this Veracode whitepaper imply, even the best and brightest out there face potential application security issues: When 93... READ MORE

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