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Prove Security Is Your Priority With Veracode

Your Customers Want AppSec Assurance

Every day, your customers and prospects read about the latest data breaches and ask, “Are the applications and SaaS services we use secure? Or will we be the next victim?” Increasingly, they require AppSec assurance.

If you’ve ever had to fill in a security questionnaire for your sales team, you know that overcoming security objections has become part of the standard software sales process.

You need the ability to overcome these objections, demonstrate your secure development processes, shorten your sales cycle, and create a competitive advantage.

What Can Happen Without Proper AppSec

Slower sales cycle

due to lengthy questionnaires and security's involvement.

Loss of revenue

or sales due to customers’ security concerns.

Sacrificing new features

to satisfy customers’ requests for security attestation.

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Prove Security Is Your Priority With Veracode

Confidently Portray Your Security Posture

Having your software Veracode Verified will help you overcome security objections in every sale. Veracode is a known and trusted AppSec solution provider, giving you the backing you need to confidently get past procurement redlines.

Make security part of your competitive advantage, easily defend your AppSec budget, and better integrate security with development.

Get Veracode Verified

Start Scanning on Day One

We’ve built and managed some of the world’s largest AppSec programs, and understand your need for speed. Our cloud-native platform enables customers to get up and running quickly – so you can start scanning on day one.

Explore the Platform

Find and Fix Flaws Faster

Finding flaws is not enough. You need to fix them so that you can create secure software.

Prioritize vulnerabilities with “fix first” recommendations and get developer access to automated advice, the Veracode Community, and secure code reviewers.

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Simplify AppSec Management and Measurement

Our program management teams help accelerate your programs. With comprehensive program analytics, you can define clear goals, track reliable metrics, and demonstrate AppSec progress to your executive team.

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Get the Services You Need to Succeed

We’re committed to making secure software your competitive advantage. Veracode Customer Success Packages offer expert guidance, technical support, and actionable best practices to help you do just that.

Create Secure Software

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Cloud-based from day one, our scalable and modular platform is backed by years of experience and trillions of lines of code scanned. Get a personal guided tour with a Veracode expert.