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Products Page Refresh - Remediation Management - Fix Flaws Found

Fix Flaws Found

We go beyond identifying vulnerabilities in applications by providing workflows for managing findings and exceptions after a scan.

Products Page Refresh - Remediation Management - Work In Existing Tools

Work In Existing Tools

We arm developers with information about security defects in their existing IDEs, CI/CD pipelines, and ticketing systems. Developers get clear insight into vulnerabilities, including remediation instructions, best-fix locations, and eLearning enablement.

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Products Page Refresh - Remediation Management - Standardize Mitigation

Standardize Mitigation

Auditors want checks and balances in place for approving process exceptions. To meet this requirement, organizations can standardize mitigating controls through our TSRV framework (technique, specifics, remaining risk, and verification).

Products Page Refresh - Remediation Management - Reduce False Positives

Reduce False Positives

Our false-positive rate is a low 1 percent, without tuning required. If developers do encounter a false positive, they can flag it to security so it is closed in future scans and logged in an audit trail. Closing the loop, our research team examines all feedback to improve future results for all customers.

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