Secure Cloud-native Software Development

As more applications are moved to the cloud, expanding security surfaces, lack of pre-production security testing, and increasing regulatory standards make it challenging to secure cloud-native software development. You need to implement agile, continuous security throughout your CI/CD pipeline and into your containers, cloud infrastructure, microservices, and serverless computing to find and fix security issues from the start.

Simplify Security

Embed a continuous, unified security solution seamlessly into your existing workflow, uniting security teams and developers to reduce complexity, streamline processes and foster a culture of security throughout your organization.

Accelerate Delivery

Find, fix and prevent security issues earlier in development to secure workloads before production. Fast-track developer-led remediation with accurate, contextual results so you can move fast, while remaining agile and secure.

Meet Compliance

Generate, manage and leverage Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) to comply with regulatory mandates, deliver security assurance to internal and external stakeholders, and strengthen the security of your software supply chain.

Make Impactful Change

In any given month, there's a 27% probability that a new flaw will be introduced into an app.
27 %
Scan frequency matters. Scans in the last month reduce the probability of introducing news flaws into an app by 0.4% from a baseline of 27%.
27 %
Automating scanning into your SDLC, initiated via APIs, reduces the probability of introducing new flaws by 2.0% in any given month.
2 %

Application security can be complex, disjointed, and difficult. Veracode makes it frictionless, fast, and easy.

Easy Developer Integration

Scan fast with a simple, developer-friendly command line interface (CLI) solution and secure coding processes integrated into your CI/CD pipeline to discover potential risks in your containers and infrastructure as code files.

Increased Developer Velocity

Generate contextual results in various developer-friendly formats and get instant prioritized findings, vulnerability descriptions, and base image upgrade recommendations to fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations fast.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Find and fix security issues and misconfigurations in IaC files such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Dockerfiles, Kubernetes manifests, Helm charts, AWS cloud formation, and Azure ARM templates.

Comprehensive Container Security

Launch comprehensive scans at the CLI to secure your container images, directories, repositories, and archives earlier in development, before workloads are shipped to production.

Serverless Support

Get support for your AWS Lambda functions so you can continue to run code without thinking about servers or clusters and build powerful and flexible serverless applications.

Risk Management & Prevention

Integrate flexible policy into your current workflow to align development and security teams, set clear security objectives, and achieve compliance.

The Veracode Solution

Veracode Container Security

Leverage a powerful continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline tool to secure containers and infrastructure as code (IaC) throughout the development process. Scan, find, and fix known vulnerabilities, misconfiguration issues and hardcoded secrets in container images, directories, repositories and archives.



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