Secure The Enterprise Software Supply Chain

You innovate by assembling code, leveraging third-party software for efficiency. While this approach accelerates production, this software supply chain opens the door for malicious actors to take advantage of vulnerabilities buried in layers of software dependencies. You need to understand components of your application that you source externally, and rapidly uncover, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities found in the o3rd party dependencies that your software relies on.

Seamlessly Secure Your Entire Supply Chain

Integrate security into your pipeline for complete visibility into the components that make up your application and the risk they carry.

Prioritize With Precision

De-prioritize up to 90% of the open-source vulnerabilities found by other vendors with Veracode’s proprietary machine learning algorithms and vulnerability database.

Govern License and OSS Usage

Enable code quality gates with the flexibility to make changes at any time without retesting with custom policy management.

Meet Emerging Regulations

Provide evidence that your supply chain is compliant with the regulations by generating SBOMs and maintaining a consistent understanding of the components within your application and their relationships, and

Make Impactful Change

One out of every 10 repositories had their last commit more than six years ago
1 /10
10% of repositories had only a single contributor.
10 %
79% of third-party libraries are never updated after inclusion in a codebase.
79 %

How Veracode Can Help

Veracode Vulnerability Database

Veracode’s proprietary Vulnerability Database contains all the public CVEs and exclusive vulnerability content. Driven by machine learning and our research team, Veracode identifies unreported vulnerabilities that are not available elsewhere.

Vulnerable Methods & Dependency Graphs

Vulnerable methods and dependency graphs highlight any areas where your application is calling the specific piece of code that causes a library to be vulnerable, which makes the project particularly vulnerable to attack.

Streamlined Policy, Governance, and Compliance

Flexible policy management supports common and custom policies to fit the unique needs of enterprise organizations, and enforces governance gates like minimum Veracode Levels, CVSS scores, and grace period requirements to pass policy.

Easily Generated SBOMs

Veracode’s SBOM API automatically generates reports in industry-standard formats like CycloneDX and SPDX.

Secured Containers

Scan Docker containers or images with SCA, or for more in-depth scanning, leverage Veracode’s Container Scanning.

Expert Advice and Assistance

Veracode consultants can perform additional mitigation triage review using TSRV and provide MPT attestation with unified rich reports.

The Veracode Solution

Veracode Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Continuously monitor software and its ecosystem to automate finding and remediating open-source vulnerabilities and license compliance risk. Veracode SCA’s machine learning and auto-remediation capabilities prescribe intelligent fixes optimized to minimize production disruption leading to higher accuracy and fix rates

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Veracode Container Scanning

Prevent comprehensive exploits before runtime and will provide actionable results that help developers remediate effectively. This will ensure only secure containers are shipped to production, giving developers and their teams confidence that their containerized application environment is secure.

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Veracode CSSP Unified Reporting and Analytics

Enable your security team to define and manage policy, gain a comprehensive view of the security posture of your application portfolio, and leverage rich analytics and reporting to make informed plans, communicate performance metrics, and produce the evidence necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

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Veracode is Trusted by 2,600 Companies Globally

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Veracode helps Prophecy gain a competitive advantage in the market and meet industry security standards

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