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VeraTalk: Boosting Security in BFS&I

Thursday, April 4th, 02PM BST
2024-04-04 14:00:00
2024-04-04 16:00:00
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About the Event:

With over 71.7% of applications in the Financial Services vertical having at least one security flaw found in their last scan, it's crucial to stay informed and take proactive measures to secure your software.

Join Chris Eng, Veracode’s Chief Research Officer, on April 04, 2024 at 2:00PM GMT as he dives into the latest State of Software Security BFS&I data, uncovering eye-opening trends and invaluable insights.

Discover the key findings, including:

  • How the BFS&I vertical stacks up against other industries in AppSec performance
  • The impact of development language usage and implications for flaw remediation
  • Recommendations to reduce the probability of flaw introduction by up to 2.9% each month

Don't miss this 15-minute session to uncover key data and actionable recommendations to enhance your organization's software security.

Meet our speakers:

Chris Eng Chief Research Officer Veracode