State of Software Security 2024 Report

Addressing the Threat
of Security Debt

Discover how critical the security debt endemic is, why risk prioritization is key, and what’s effective in securing the software supply chain.

Top Factors

Learn top contributing factors of security debt


Find out risk reduction benchmarks and recommendations

Supply Chain Security

Unlock steps for software supply chain security

Security Debt is Endemic & Represents Risk to the Business

Software is drowning in security debt. Over 70% of organizations have security debt and nearly half have critical debt. Security debt affects organizations of all sizes, arising from both first and third-party code.

Remediation Capacity is Constrained

The report reveals a concerning reality: only 35% of applications demonstrate a sustained capacity to eliminate all critical security debt. ​​This means few teams bail fast ​enough to reverse the tide of ​debt once it starts rising.

Managing Security Debt: Integration & Risk Prioritization Are Key

Development teams that fix flaws fastest are four times less likely to let critical security debt materialize in their applications.​ Additionally, the report reveals insights into prioritization for maximum risk reduction.

Learn How to Tackle Security Debt and Safeguard Your Business