Tyler White

Tyler has been with Veracode for four years working across the organization, supporting customers from roles within Services and Sales teams. In his current role of Product Manager for Veracode eLearning, he is focused on making Veracode’s users more knowledgeable on all aspects of Application Security and improving the security of their applications through the extensive Veracode eLearning course catalog. When he is not working, Tyler is an avid runner and will talk your ear off about music and craft beer.
Posts by Tyler White

Your Secure Coding Partner: Introducing Veracode AppSec Tutorials

November 22, 2016  | Customer News

The driver races ahead, attempting to stay on track as his speed is slowly increasing. Right beside him the navigator sits, guiding the driver’s efforts through his treacherous endeavor. They are both striving to keep pace with the other, as the intensity is ramping up. Everything is about to spin out of control. Then the alarm goes off, and the driver backs away from the keyboard to now... READ MORE



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