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Sue Poremba

Sue Poremba is a full-time freelance writer specializing in IT security topics. She has written extensively on network security and data security, with emphasis on BYOD and mobile security issues both for the business and consumer space. She also writes regularly about the cloud and big data.  Well respected by security professionals and experts, her work has appeared in Forbes, CIO,, SC Magazine, and dozen of other publications and websites. She is the IT security blogger at IT Business Edge. She is the author of two books that have nothing to do with security but were labors of love: The Phillies Fan's Little Book of Wisdom and 29 Things to Know about Catholicism.

Posts by Sue Poremba
  • The Push to Replace Passwords

    At Black Hat 2016, Thycotic conducted a survey of both self-identified white hat and black hat hackers. In part, the survey found that more than 75 percent of respondents believe no password is safe from hackers or the government, and nearly half said they would be willing to hack your password for a fee if asked by the FBI. It’s yet another bad rap on passwords, which have been the security… READ MORE

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  • How Do You Avoid Paying a Ransom?

    Take Steps to Protect the Data before the Ransomware Attack Happens In a recent study conducted by Radware, C-level executives revealed that they had no interest in paying up if their network was hit by ransomware, but that response came before they were locked out from their data. Once they were actually attacked, nearly half of those executives admitted they have, indeed, paid the ransom. The… READ MORE

  • Staying Ahead of Hidden Vulnerabilities in Your System

    It’s been two years since the Heartbleed vulnerability made news, had companies scrambling for a fix, and sent computer users into a panic. It’s been a while since there has been a vulnerability of that magnitude to create headlines, but it doesn’t mean that vulnerabilities aren’t hiding in the software we use every day. Just this week alone, vulnerabilities have been found in Facebook Messenger… READ MORE

  • My View of the Evolving Threat Landscape

    One of the most difficult challenges in cybersecurity – perhaps the most difficult challenge, depending on who you talk to – is how quickly the threat landscape changes and shifts. It seems as if no sooner is one set of security protocols in place, new regulations and compliances are required or the attack vector changes. It’s no wonder that so many companies struggle with security. I’ve been… READ MORE

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