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Saikrishna Chavali

Harnessing and securing the power of the web for the past decade. Currently, Senior Product Manager for application layer Information Security products. These products help web developers and Information Security professionals make the everyday web applications we use more secure. Prior to this, harnessed the power of web in digital search advertising, just as the programmatic advertising revolution was taking off. 

Posts by Saikrishna Chavali
  • Veracode Dynamic Analysis Helps You Check Your Security Headers

    Veracode Dynamic Analysis helps you follow Google I/O 2018 security recommendations I've been binging on the Google I/O 2018 videos. I guess every web geek does! One video caught my attention: Google Chrome security team's improvements to fight off the Spectre & Meltdown "celebrity" vulnerabilities. They're using software at the browser level to mitigate against a hardware vulnerability. How… READ MORE

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