Rob Wilber

Rob helps software vendors leverage Veracode’s fundamentally unique approach to solving the application security problem, enabling them to more effectively address application-layer risk, and ensure they can use their commitment to security as a competitive differentiator in the marketplace. When he isn’t working with clients, Rob can typically be found at concerts around Boston, or the nearest Taco Bell (yep, you guessed it…he’s a health nut!).
Posts by Rob Wilber

Toying with the Broken Window Theory

January 11, 2016  | Security News

High-tech toymaker VTech recently made headlines when they announced they’d been the victim of a significant cyberattack. Personal account information associated with over 10,000,000 of their customers were compromised in the attack, including over 6 million profiles tied to the children using their toys.  When I got word of this incident, I immediately thought back to a presentation my... READ MORE



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