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Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts is an experienced technology writer and editor that has spent the last decade covering hacking, cyber threats, and information technology security, including senior positions as a writer, editor and industry analyst. His work has appeared on NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report, The Boston Globe,, Fortune Small Business, as well as ZDNet, Computerworld, InfoWorld, eWeek, CIO , CSO and He was, yes, a guest on The Oprah Show — but that’s a long story. You can follow Paul on Twitter here or visit his website The Security Ledger.

Posts by Paul Roberts
  • Hacking and Piracy. Aaargh!!

    When it comes to matters of information security, I’m a big fan of what might be called the “anti-exceptionalism” school of information security. That is: I reject the notion that the myriad of problems that we, the IT community, face in regard to security our networks, endpoints and the Internet are exceptional or extraordinary in any way. Rather, I see most security problems related to IT as… READ MORE

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  • Not to Say We Told You So but...Why the Insecure Apps Story Isn’t News (And Isn’t Just About Mobile)

    Two reports out in the last week have raised alarms about the vulnerability of popular applications to man in the middle attacks and other snooping. Alas - this isn’t really a new problem...and it isn’t limited to mobile applications either! The presentations by researchers at the annual Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2012), (… READ MORE

  • Bad Piggies, Graffiti and the IRT

    How bad is Google’s application security problem? Think “New York City in the 1970s.” Just like New York during those dark days, Google faces a myriad of problems: many of its own making. And the Silicon Valley star might consider looking to Gotham for inspiration as it tries to turn things around. Have you ever seen those gritty photos of the New York City subway from the 1970s? You know the… READ MORE

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