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Neil is a Marketing Technologist working on the Content and Corporate teams at CA Veracode. He currently focuses on Developer Awareness through strategic content creation. In his spare time you'll find him doting over his lovely wife and daughter. He is a Co-Owner of CrossFit Amoskeag in Bedford NH, his favorite topic is artificial intelligence, and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza.
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Survey: How Teams are Using Software Components in the Age of DevOps

April 10, 2018  | Managing AppSec

New research: Only 52% of developers using components in their apps update them when a new vulnerability is announced Open source components have gone mainstream. With every company undoubtedly becoming a software company, open source and commercial components are a vital element in developing applications at the speed of DevOps. But while they’re a powerful tool for adding features and... READ MORE

Why I'm Going to RSA 2018: CA Veracode's New SVP of Engineering

March 29, 2018  | Intro to AppSec

RSAC 2018

Paiman Nodoushan has been working at CA Veracode for about two months. In that time, he's met a lot of his peers and claims he already remembers over 50% of their names, no small feat. Jokes aside, he's been getting to know his team, our projects, and the ins and outs of our entire SaaS operation. In our quick interview, he describes the team at Veracode as hard working and passionate, and goes... READ MORE

Security Champions: a Scalable Approach for Securing DevOps

March 22, 2018

DevOps and Security Champions

The enormous growth of DevOps is no accident. As organizations attempt to navigate the complexities of digital business, speed and flexibility are everything. Yet somewhere between innovation and disruption lies a basis fact: A DevOps initiative is only as good as the security framework that supports it. Unfortunately, many organizations focus on speed and precision at the expense of security.... READ MORE

Adopting a More Secure Approach to Containers

March 6, 2018

Container Security Tips

The complexities of developing secure software aren't lost on anyone in the business world. One tool development teams have used to adapt to today's challenging environment is software containers, which allow applications to run reliably on different platforms and systems.   Today, organizations use containers to address a wide range of development and testing tasks. What's more, as... READ MORE

What Developers Can Learn at the Upcoming DevSecOps Virtual Summit

February 14, 2018

The shift to DevOps and DevSecOps has already happened, it's only a question of when we all catch up. Organizations in all industries are creating software not only faster, but also in more precise, collaborative and incremental ways than ever before. In fact, we’ve seen the shift in our own customer base, where the percentage of applications scanned for security on a weekly basis jumped 50... READ MORE

RSA Conference 2017 Recap

March 2, 2017  | Security News

After four years of providing web-based support to CA Veracode's RSA Conference team from our offices in Burlington Mass, I had the pleasure of finally attending the conference myself. First impressions were a bit staggering to say the least. One thing that doesn't exactly come through amid all the web and social chatter that happens around RSAC is the sheer size of this conference as... READ MORE

Podcast: Critical Infrastructure with Dick Clarke

November 22, 2016  | Security News

How do you convince companies and nation states to protect against attacks that haven't happened yet? That's the sort of question we ponder today in our latest podcast with Richard Clarke, CA Veracode Board Member and former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-terrorism for the United States. Richard walks us through how he thinks about convincing... READ MORE

DevOops Redux: A Chat with Chris Gates and Ken Johnson

October 12, 2016  | Security News

This week at OWASP AppSec USA there's a schedule packed with great sessions focusing on devops, shifting left, automation and more. I was lucky enough to get some time from Chris Gates, Sr Security Engineer, Uber and Ken Johnson's, CTO nVisium, busy schedule to ask them a few questions related to their session at AppSec, DevOops: Redux - a defense oriented follow up to their popular talk... READ MORE

Style Guide - Kitchen Sink Page

March 28, 2016

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Automating Your CA Veracode Security Scans

August 13, 2015  | Managing AppSec

How Can I Save Time With CA Veracode Security Scans? At On-Line Strategies [OLS], many of the tools we use in our Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) have helpful APIs, including CA Veracode. We leverage them to automate tasks that were once performed manually by developers or technical managers, such as running a CA Veracode static scan on a pending release. Today, our CA Veracode static scans... READ MORE

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