Nancy Goudreau

Nancy is a Marketing Manager for Veracode.  She is passionate about helping developers and security professionals understand the need for application security.  Before joining Veracode, she worked for 12 years at IBM in various business units with solutions focusing on developers and IT professionals.  At home, Nancy enjoys cooking, gardening, and taking care of the many animals on the farm.  Nancy can be found on twitter as @nancygoudreau and LinkedIn at /in/ndgoudreau.
Posts by Nancy Goudreau

The 80’s called….they want their on-premises solution back!

February 27, 2019

Are you still breakdancing? Storing data on your floppy disk? Performing your searches through the card catalog? Assuming the answer is no, then why are you still using an on-premises application security solution? In all seriousness, take a look at the benefits, and cost savings, you would see with a cloud-based AppSec solution: Start scanning immediately: No need to install servers and tools,... READ MORE

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