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As VP of Engineering, Maria manages the development teams for Veracode’s cloud-based platform and Web Application Security products. Maria joined Veracode in 2012 with 20 years of technical and management experience in companies that include Fidelity Information Services, Memento, Kronos, Open Market and Digital Equipment Corporation. She is known for her high energy, optimism, and pragmatism, and can always be counted upon to call out the elephant in the room! At home Maria appreciates her husband’s hot and spicy cooking and the unfolding drama of parenting tween boys. Maria can be found on Twitter as @marialoughlin.
Posts by Maria Loughlin

Software Quality Is a Competitive Differentiator

July 25, 2018

software quality

One of the ironies of DevOps is that while the methodology supports faster and more automated software production, it doesn't boost code quality unless quality is a focus for the software team. As more than a few business leaders have discovered, gaining a competitive edge in the digital economy requires a more concentrated and comprehensive approach. It's no secret that software code powers our... READ MORE

Optimizing Your AppSec Investment with Value Stream Mapping

January 26, 2018

“Value stream mapping” – that’s a Lean methodology for logistics and supply-chain processes, right? What does that have to do with software security? Good question! In the ’80s, value stream mapping applied to logistics and supply chain processes in the Japanese manufacturing industry. The success of the methodology for manufacturing led to wider adoption, including adoption in Lean software... READ MORE

Top 3 Ways Veracode’s Integrations Make Developers' Jobs Easier

September 19, 2017  | Secure Development

As software increasingly plays a critical role in how organizations conduct business, we are seeing two trends emerge: 1. Organizations want more software produced faster. 2. Cyberattackers are finding software a more attractive target. For developers, all the above means that their jobs are changing. The need to get software out the door faster has led to a shift to DevSecOps – where software is... READ MORE

Five signals that the future is strong for Boston’s Women in Tech

October 11, 2016  | Security News

This weekend I was among 21 women recognized as a Rev Boston “Badass” woman in tech. My co-honorees and I are senior leaders in tech who work at landmark institutions (e.g. Boston Children’s Hospital), high-flyer local companies (e.g. Veracode, WayFair, HubSpot, Carbon Black, CarGurus), as well as mid-size and tiny startups (e.g. Toast, Drizly, TetraScience, clypd, IdeaPaint). We lead... READ MORE

Don't Let Security Programs Get Lost in Translation

December 3, 2014

This post was jointly authored by Vivian Vitale, EVP of Human Resources and Maria Loughlin, VP of  Engineering at Veracode. Successful security programs start by articulating the why, because employees take ownership of security when they understand why it is critical to their business. A key next step translates security principles into pragmatic business practices. These practices vary by... READ MORE

Karma Chameleon: Actual Advice for Women in Tech

October 14, 2014

When it comes to women in tech, how about some advice that stands out for the right reasons? Last week I attended the Grace Hopper conference to proudly watch my sister, Anne Condon, receive the ABIE Technology Leadership award. At the conference keynote I had a front row seat for Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s astonishing interview. Surrounded by 8000 inspiring female computer... READ MORE

The Rise of Application Security Requirements and What to Do About Them

August 11, 2014  | Intro to AppSec

secureddatatransfer_100442_2.jpg As an engineering manager, I am challenged to keep pace with ever-expanding expectations for non-functional software requirements. One requirement, application security, has become increasingly critical in recent years, posing new challenges for software engineering teams. In what manner has security emerged as an application requirement? Are... READ MORE

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