Joe Pelletier

Joe Pelletier is a Product Manager for Veracode’s Web Application Security product line. He has worked in application security for 5 years, originally helping large enterprise clients implement secure development practices and programs. Prior to Veracode, Joe worked on portfolio management and investment research platforms in the financial services industry.
Posts by Joe Pelletier

Is Your Dynamic Scanning Context Aware?

December 6, 2016  | Managing AppSec

When it comes to dynamic scanning & black box testing techniques, speed and accuracy are critical factors. Developers and security teams have no time for false positives, especially in a world where the time between releases is increasingly compressed. Yet a common vulnerability found by dynamic scanners is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and these vulnerabilities are often either false positive... READ MORE

A Pragmatic Approach to Leveraging WAF and RASP

February 16, 2016  | Managing AppSec

Using Web Application Firewalls with Runtime Application Security Protection

Updated: 7/18/2017 Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) is a revolutionary technology that aims at improving application security.  RASP integrates monitoring and protection as part of the deployment of web applications making it the first technology to provide protection in real-time. RASP is a new technology with the promise of improving application security by enabling applications... READ MORE

Integrating Build Systems with the Veracode Platform

April 5, 2012

As a Security program manager here at Veracode, I frequently get asked questions about the need to integrate security into the SDLC. The Security Program Manager position at Veracode is a consulting role to ensure the adoption of Veracode’s solutions throughout our client’s IT delivery and Security organization. I am often asked about the effort required in integrating build systems with... READ MORE



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