Jasmine Noel

At Veracode, Jasmine’s efforts are focused around market research, content development and sales enablement efforts. Previously, Jasmine was a founding partner of Ptak/Noel, an industry analyst and marketing consulting firm. Prior to that she also served as director of systems and applications management at Hurwitz Group, and senior analyst at D.H. Brown Associates. Jasmine holds a bachelor of science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master of science from the University of Southern California.
Posts by Jasmine Noel

Securing Your Application Perimeter: What to Test for Vulnerabilities

August 20, 2012

Enterprises have been scanning web applications for security vulnerabilities for some time now. So what’s the big deal between doing some application scans and securing your application perimeter? Well the first thing is the sheer size and scale of today’s enterprise application perimeter – which we define as all of your Internet facing applications– including the enterprise applications accessed... READ MORE

Five reasons why you need an application security program

June 18, 2012  | Intro to AppSec

Many organizations looking at application security for the first time struggle with understanding why they should take a programmatic approach to tackling application security. I’ll touch on five reasons in this post on why you should have a program to deal with application security. 1) Address the full scope of the problem A quick look at Quocirca’s survey results shows that... READ MORE

Software Security: A Chief Financial Officer's Perspective

May 2, 2012

I was having a chat with our CFO by the Keurig machine and he said something I thought was interesting – that one of the things the CFOs of public companies worry about the most is surprises. Surprise, you woke up today and found that 10% of the value of your company is gone because confidential customer information was made public. Surprise, the FTC is knocking on your door asking for a... READ MORE

Dreaming of RSA, Thinking of PCI

March 2, 2012

So I’m not doing booth duty at RSA this year. Instead I’m sitting in my cube reading RSA blogs, looking through RSA press releases, and listening to RSA podcasts, including the PCI Security as a Lifecycle podcast by Bob Russo, General Manager, PCI Security Standards Council. Like other PCI watchers, I was surprised that the standards organization wasn’t using RSA to make a splash with updated... READ MORE

Answering Customer Questions - What is an application?

February 1, 2012

One re-occurring question we get is ‘What is an application?’ which on the surface of things sounds trite – after all, every one of us uses applications every day for one thing or another. Yet the initial success of a fledging application security program often depends on answering that question. When discussing software that runs a business, development and security teams know how quickly the... READ MORE

Why are False Positives a Costly Headache for Enterprises?

December 13, 2011  | 5

Hello World! I’ve recently joined Veracode as a product marketing manager. One of my responsibilities to respond to customer questions about Veracode, what we do and why we do it. So I thought it would be a good idea to blog about some of the common and/or recent questions I’ve been getting. So here goes the first one: Why are false positives a costly headache for enterprises? The... READ MORE

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