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Jasmine Noel

At Veracode, Jasmine’s efforts are focused around market research, content development and sales enablement efforts. Previously, Jasmine was a founding partner of Ptak/Noel, an industry analyst and marketing consulting firm. Prior to that she also served as director of systems and applications management at Hurwitz Group, and senior analyst at D.H. Brown Associates. Jasmine holds a bachelor of science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master of science from the University of Southern California.

Posts by Jasmine Noel
  • Wanted: A CISO without a security background?!?

    Iain Sutherland, as Managing Director of Information Security Solutions, recruits security executives for large enterprises.  He has a front row view of how the role of security executives and the skills that enterprises value for the CISO position have changed over the last few years. When I met Iain a few weeks ago he pointed out that having a list of security certification acronyms appearing… READ MORE

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  • Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanner Applications - Mobile Device Security Series 1 of 3

    Did you know that 30-50% of people choose not to use any sort of passcode on their smartphones? The inconvenience that comes with typing in a long passcode means users are willing to put their mobile lives at risk. Apple has attempted to solve this problem by creating a fingerprint scanning application that allows for convenience and security without compromise. With this type of technology on… READ MORE

  • Securing Your Application Perimeter: What to Test for Vulnerabilities

    Enterprises have been scanning web applications for security vulnerabilities for some time now. So what’s the big deal between doing some application scans and securing your application perimeter? Well the first thing is the sheer size and scale of today’s enterprise application perimeter – which we define as all of your Internet facing applications– including the enterprise applications accessed… READ MORE

  • Why are False Positives a Costly Headache for Enterprises?

    Hello World! I’ve recently joined Veracode as a product marketing manager. One of my responsibilities to respond to customer questions about Veracode, what we do and why we do it. So I thought it would be a good idea to blog about some of the common and/or recent questions I’ve been getting. So here goes the first one: Why are false positives a costly headache for enterprises? The short answer is… READ MORE

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