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Cassandra Morton

Cassandra Morton is a Manager of Customer Success Management at Veracode, where she and her team are responsible for the successful adoption of Veracode’s solutions by our customers. Veracode’s Customer Success Managers ensure the success of our customers, by providing expertise, guidance, and best practice recommendations for AppSec programs of a variety of sizes. Cassandra’s career has been focused on services management and delivery specifically around Compliance, Risk and Security. Prior to Veracode, Cassandra was a Program Manager and most recently a Manager of Client Services at SAI Global where she led the team responsible for the delivery of Compliance and Risk solutions.

Posts by Cassandra Morton
  • At Veracode, we work hard to support our customers in meeting the goals of your application security program. As a Manager of Customer Success Management (CSM), I work with our CSMs to help hundreds of customers beginning their journey to a mature AppSec program, and many who are just starting out with Veracode. Veracode Services and Support Teams hear a lot of the same questions from numerous… READ MORE

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  • Strategies to Make Security Fun and Improve SDLC Adoption

    In the last year or so that I’ve been a member of Veracode’s Customer Success team, I’ve found that I have been hearing the same remarks from an array of organizations- “We must implement Secure Coding practices in order to retain a positive brand image, but we’re up against very strict deadlines and need to get our code out fast!” As we work with Security and Development teams alike, this… READ MORE

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