Brittany O'Shea

Brittany is the Product Marketing Manager for Veracode Static Analysis, Mobile Analysis, and Platform. She is passionate about helping developers and security professionals navigate emerging threats, regulations and security trends to help organizations and their applications thrive in today’s complex digital world. Before joining Veracode, she worked in various roles at RSA and IBM Security globally with the mission to support customers raise their security posture. At heart, Brittany remains a lover of people and culture. She cherishes exploring new places and helping those in need.
Posts by Brittany O'Shea

Announcing New Veracode Language Coverage: Apex, Go, and PLSQL

May 1, 2019  | Customer News

When considering new language support, we think about our customers’ existing technology stacks and the new and emerging languages that will enable them to securely bring innovations to market faster. With this in mind, we recently added support for Apex, Go, and PLSQL: Apex, a proprietary language, enables businesses to enhance their deployments to improve how they... READ MORE

PCI Releases Software Security Framework

January 18, 2019

Today, PCI shared its new Software Security Framework. PCI describes this framework as “a collection of software security standards and associated validation and listing programs for the secure design, development and maintenance of modern payment software.” The framework includes two standards for use by software vendors. The first, the Secure Software Standard, is a software security standard... READ MORE

AppSec Buyers’ Insights: Binary vs. Source Code Scanning

March 6, 2018

The discussion surrounding which is superior – binary or source code scanning – has plagued the static analysis market since its inception. A source code scanner analyzes un-compiled code, whereas a binary scanner analyzes compiled code, but in the end, the result is the same. They are simply two engineering solutions for the same problem. However, as a fundamental part of vendors’ approaches to... READ MORE

Will PCI Evolve Alongside Software Development Trends?

November 13, 2017  | Managing AppSec

This week, I caught up with Joseph Feiman, Veracode’s Chief Innovation Officer and former Gartner analyst of 18 years, to discuss some of his key takeaways from the PCI Europe Community Meeting, which took place in Barcelona on October 24-26th. The three-day international seminar gathered community figures and merchants and members of the Council to share updates and insights on current trends... READ MORE

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