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Brian Cardinale

Brian Cardinale is an information security professional with experience as both a maker and a breaker. He is currently a senior member of Veracode’s application penetration testing team. He has applied his knowledge toward securing hundreds of commercial and government networks and applications throughout his career. Brian has played a key role in developing multiple enterprise software projects to help facilitate other organizations secure their networks. He holds the title of Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has a bachelors in Network and Communications Management.

Posts by Brian Cardinale
  • Questions You Should be Asking Your Application Developer Candidates

    Old habits die hard. The following questions will help you avoid hiring developers with bad habits. Developers with bad habits are prone to baking in those habits into the overall application architecture. There are two fronts in the war of protecting your applications. The first front is reactive. It is your code maintainers patching flaws in old code bases. The second front is happening right… READ MORE

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