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Adam Kaufman

Adam Kaufman is a developer and process engineer at Veracode with specializations in continuous delivery and automation. Placing very high value on both creativity and efficiency, he is passionate about continuous improvement, team dynamics, and systems design. In his various job functions over the years – spanning development, QA, build & release, and operations – he has been a strong advocate and practitioner of quality-driven processes and modernization. In his other life, he is a musician, comestibles enthusiast, and father of two.

Posts by Adam Kaufman
  • The Surprising Compatibility of Unit Tests and Rapid Prototyping

    This is not a blog post about the usual line on unit tests. They're good. They help you catch problems very early in the development process. High coverage numbers speak well for your codebase. These are all generally true statements and their complexities have been adequately covered elsewhere. This is also not a blog post about test-driven development (TDD) or any of its related concepts. These… READ MORE

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  • When Infrastructure-as-Code Meets Continuous Delivery

    We all remember a time when setting up infrastructure meant racking servers, running cables and managing a web of networking by hand. Indeed, this is still very common and quite necessary for many organizations. Thankfully, though, for those of us who are lucky enough to work in a cloud environment, there’s a newer – some might say better – way. At Veracode, we’ve recently had the opportunity to… READ MORE

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