Security Audit Request

Your customer is expanding their supplier application assessment program in order to address risk posed by security vulnerabilities in software.

Enterprises are recognizing the need to secure their application layer; the security industry has done a good job locking down the network and endpoints, but attackers are still getting data and they are getting it through the applications used every day.

As application security becomes the new normal, more and more software vendors and outsourced development firms are being asked to provide proof of the security of their software. Attesting to the security of your product in a repeatable, scalable, and fast manner is key to landing new business and maintaining existing relationships with security-conscience enterprises.

Veracode’s process for assessing the security posture of vendor supplied software provides purchasing enterprises with enough information needed to make an educated decision while protecting the sensitive and valuable intellectual property of the software producer


  • Veracode uses enterprise approved analysis techniques to provide third party security analysis
  • Software providers gain direct access to Veracode’s SaaS platform for quick, easy, automated analysis” (no need for “1 to n”)
  • Veracode offers step-by-step remediation assistance to attain a reasonable level of application security compliance
  • Software provider publishes the summary report to the Enterprise through the secure Veracode platform
  • As additional enterprise requests arise, providers can share reports at no additional cost

Why work with Veracode to secure your software?

  • Help speed the sales procurement and acceptance process with existing customers (as well as new ones)
  • Help increase the loyalty of your installed base
  • Build your market credibility by using a trusted, independent party
  • Trust and mutual assurance on all sides of the test transaction
  • Shield your source files and give you control
  • State-of-the-art security analysis at an affordable price
  • Adopt security practices that help differentiate your product from competitors




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