Balancing the competing demands of speed and security.

Ad-hoc is no way to approach software security.

Software applications are now the most-attacked security perimeter. The increasing complexity of software has made it the target of more than half of all successful attacks. It’s easy to see why: 80% of applications fail their first security test.

As a developer, you’re on the front lines of delivering business innovation to the market. Preventing cyber-attackers from stealing sensitive data, impacting operations and damaging your brand is a tricky balancing act. You need to release new applications quickly, but also securely. The competing demands of Speed versus Security lead many development organizations to cut corners – such as securing internal development while leaving vendor, open source or mobile applications still exposed. 

The software security protocols inside many development organizations are too ad-hoc – combining inconsistent testing practices with poor visibility, little budget and no support. This leads to a “scan & scold” mentality which breeds resentment among business units and their development teams. Make sure your development organization has a complete profile of software security risk to the business as well as a consistent program to mitigate that risk. Simply put, what isn’t known can’t be fixed.

The Veracode difference

At Veracode, we offer a smarter and fundamentally different approach to application security. Our subscription-based service combines a powerful, cloud-based platform with deep security expertise and proven best practices that help you promote more secure code with every release.

Veracode provides key features for agile development teams with automated testing and actionable guidance that integrates with the systems you already use.

It’s Accurate. Our Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST) identify security vulnerabilities the same way a cyber-criminal would attack them — providing accurate and actionable vulnerability detection. Hidden threats are detected such as malicious code and backdoors in third-party libraries and open source components that traditional source code scanners miss. Detailed line-of-code level results help your teams locate and prioritize fixes. You spend less time worrying about code compliance and false positives, and more time getting verified applications into production quickly.

It’s Automated. Our unified cloud-based platform combines multiple techniques and automates all test procedures. Tests can execute routinely as a standard step in the build process, with issues tracked using familiar tools and processes. This prevents costly rework for development teams when code flaws are discovered just prior to release. Veracode scales easily to increase adoption across your entire development organization.

It's Fast. Our automated binary static analysis is designed for agile development processes, with 80% of all static scans completing within 4 hours and more than 90% completing within a day.

It’s Actionable. Our security experts provide developers with step-by-step guidance to understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities with a set of consistent and repeatable practices. No more unclear test results that produce deluge of developer questions. Our comprehensive eLearning courses increase team knowledge of secure coding procedures, so the organization can build security in with every release.

It’s Integrated. Our solution is built to fit your software development lifecycle via APIs and plugins — so you never have to interrupt your coding to open a separate testing system. Veracode tightly-integrates with standard IDEs (e.g. Eclipse, Intelli-J, Visual Studio), build systems (e.g. Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Bamboo) and issue tracking systems (e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, RSA Archer). All widely-used languages for desktop, web and mobile applications are supported, including:

  • Java and .NET
  • C/C++: Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • Web: J2EE, ASP.NET, Classic ASP (including VBScript and VB6), PHP, Cold Fusion, Ruby, JavaScript (including Jquery and Node.js)
  • Mobile: Objective C for iOS, Java for Android
  • Mobile Platforms: Objective C for iOS, Java for Android, JavaScript frameworks including PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium
  • Legacy Business Applications: COBOL

We're the most widely used cloud-based platform for securing web, mobile, legacy and third-party applications.

Fact is, more than 500 organizations trust our simpler and more scalable approach to secure their application infrastructure — including three of the top four banks in the Fortune 100. We’ve analyzed tens of thousands of applications for threats and we've been a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader since 2010.

Using our smartcloud-based and programmatic approach to application-layer security, you can close the Speed vs. Security gap while balancing the competing software development demands of your organization.

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