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Governmental departments are experiencing dramatic increases in the quantity and sophistication of cyber attacks. Too often high profile targets, such as the military and intelligence agencies, or public sector entities such as state and local governments, are at risk of attack, losing data or suffering operational interruptions. These malicious attackers might include foreign governments, organized crime, and even citizens within their own countries. Governments are on the front lines of a constantly changing threat space and an evolving set of business processes and critical data they are chartered to protect. Increasingly, software applications and not networks are the new security perimeter for organizations.

Managing Application Security Risk

Software applications pose unique security challenges including:

  • Internal and Third-Party Sources (Software of Unknown Pedigree or SOUP).
  • High Variability (Languages, Platform, Web/Non-Web)
  • Increasing reliance on software to run critical operations, be it military, intelligence, civilian, or local government
  • Legacy code bases that were not designed to be accessed via a Web Application, a mobile phone, or other new access points
  • Changing Regulatory, Audit, and Compliance Standards
  • Ad Hoc Secure Coding Practices
  • A Continuously Changing Threat Space
  • Constrained Security Budgets

Managing these application security challenges for extensive and geographically distributed information assets supporting lines of business is complicated. Given the sheer number of applications and amount of code to be secured, Security Teams must implement thoughtful and affordable risk management programs.

Application Risk Management Programs

Veracode enables Government Security Teams to address the complexity and challenges of managing application security risk with Application Risk Management (ARM) programs designed to:

  • Secure the Development Lifecycle
  • Assess 3rd Party Applications
  • Train and Certify Developers

Underlying these ARM programs is Veracode’s breakthrough cloud-based patented binary code reviews and dynamic web vulnerability scanning that are uniquely able to inspect entire internal and third-party application inventories, including components, and do not require companies to expose their valuable source code. Veracode inspects application code at the same level that it is attacked – the binaries – far more easily and affordably than any security testing alternative.