Get an application security expert to advise your development teams

Veracode Remediation Advisory Solutions

Benefit from a deeper vulnerability analysis with dedicated consultants

Developers have the best of intentions to write secure software but are not set up for success. None of the top 10 U.S. universities require computer science students to take a cybersecurity class. By not addressing these issues, it’s no wonder that frustration between security and development is growing as fast as your security technical debt. Companies often lack the time and expertise to assist developers in understanding vulnerabilities and working with them on the remediation. The challenge with bringing in application security experts from the outside is that they are not familiar with the applications.

For applications that used developer coaching, the development team fixed more than 2.5x the average number of flaws per megabyte.

Veracode Remediation Advisory Solutions (RAS) provide application security experts with a development background that act as a “personal trainer” for your engineering team. Unlike services that assign different resources for each vulnerability, the same Veracode RAS consultant will work on all vulnerabilities of a specific application to provide a deeper level of analysis and so you don’t have to start from square one on each call. Your developers will learn secure coding practices in their environment and process, decreasing the amount of flaws over time, leading to cost savings for you and your organization.

Get an AppSec “personal trainer” for your development teams

The consultants in Veracode’s Remediation Advisory Solutions (RAS) are developers who have a strong background in application security. Our security experts coach your developers through assessing, prioritizing, and fixing vulnerabilities using the same best practices they would use when fixing vulnerabilities in their own application.

Write more secure code through one-on-one training

When using the Veracode Remediation Advisory Solutions, developers are learning application security best practices in a one-on-one setting. While each session focuses on a specific vulnerability, developers will use their learnings to write more secure code in the future, reducing the overall cost of application security.

99% of developers using Veracode RAS report they are Extremely Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the service.

Track flaws, remediation, and compliance through a single platform

All Veracode services are delivered through the Veracode Application Security Platform, which provides a central repository for information about your software weaknesses, as well as proposed, accepted, and rejected mitigations. And the same workflow can be used for static, dynamic, or manual findings. Veracode application security consultants can make more informed decisions on how to remediate a vulnerability because they can see the exact application data flow that was analyzed as part of the static analysis.

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