Developer Training

Train your developers on secure coding and mature your application security program with the help of AppSec experts

Grow Your Developers' Skills
AND Become More Secure In The Process

Increase the security of applications you’re pushing to production by improving your developers’ secure coding skills. Veracode, the leader in application security testing, delivers an all-encompassing learning experience for developers. By helping developers identify and fix flaws earlier, you will bring security closer to the development process, lowering expensive security flaw remediation.


Developer Training is Critical

With the increased speed of development, plus security shifting “left,” developers now need to be able to catch security-related defects on their own as often as possible. However, most developers have had no opportunities to learn secure coding, in school or on the job. Without security knowledge in the development team, late security flaw discovery leads to delayed releases, unplanned work, or insecure applications in production.


Foster a higher level of application security awareness and proficiency among your organization with comprehensive, web-based training delivered via our cloud-based platform. Veracode’s eLearning solution empowers software developers, testers and security leads with the security knowledge needed to prevent a potential breach and meet compliance requirements. Veracode eLearning covers a wide array of topics including support for secure coding in four of the most common development languages: Java, .NET, PHP, and PYTHON.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Boost your eLearning experience with the personal touch of an online instructor. Without the hassle of travel, Veracode’s Instructor-Led Training gives developers the opportunity to discuss their specific security concerns with an experienced application security practitioner.

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Developer Workshops

For practical, hands-on experience in risk detection and remediation, Veracode’s Developer Workshops offer our most in-depth developer training experience. Featuring multi-modal skill development in a lab environment with trained application security professionals, your team benefits from individualized trainer attention, the freedom to experiment, the ability to ask specific questions that are unique to your organization, and collaboration with peers.

Veracode Platform

With Veracode’s unified platform, you have one central view into your organization’s risk – from development through production. From one location, you:

  • Prioritize your remediation with reports that are easy to understand and delegate to the teams responsible.
  • Create and manage your organization’s security policies.
  • Get attestations for government and industry regulations and compliance policies.


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