Assess Third-Party Applications

With over $50 billion in custom code being developed in locations such as India, China, and Eastern Europe many businesses have rushed to take advantage of cost savings and flexibility to gain a competitive advantage by contracting with Outsource developers. Others leverage Commercial and Open Source suppliers to fulfill their growing software application needs. However, secure coding and application security testing are often overlooked in these agreements. As a result, security professionals are increasingly realizing that their organizations are inadvertently accepting unmanaged liability and unbounded risk. At the same time, they are also realizing how nearly impossible it is to enforce the use of traditional on-premise source code tools or to scale manual acceptance testing. Veracode’s cloud-based service provides a complete, accurate, simple and affordable way for enterprises to gain insight into the security and risk found in their third-party applications.

Learn how Veracode Application Risk Management (ARM) program for Third-Party Applications can enable you to:

  • Verify and Validate Outsourced Development
  • Assess the Security of Commercial Applications
  • Understand Open Source Security Risk

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Implement Independent Verification and Validation of Outsourced Development

Veracode is uniquely suited to provide independent verification and validation (IV&V) of outsourced applications without the need for source code or costly on-site consultants. Veracode is the only on-demand assurance provider to achieve CWE Compatibility and Effectiveness Program certification. This universally accepted scoring method enables enterprises to meet security and compliance requirements.

Affordable Acceptance Testing

Enterprises concerned about the security of their outsourced applications often spend over $300K per application for manual penetration testing. This manual effort can add months to project deliveries. Veracode’s cloud-based, automated service drastically reduces costs and provides results in 24-72 hours, enabling organizations to shorten delivery times and test their entire outsourced application portfolio.

Test Your Application the Way an Attacker Sees It

Traditional approaches test at the source code level which not only is unpractical as outsourced code often is unavailable but also insufficient. Veracode inspects application code at the same level that it is attacked – the binaries. This approach ensures that all threats, including vulnerabilities and backdoors are detected without requiring source code. Read the whitepaper on application backdoors…

Establish Security Metrics and SLAs with Providers

Analyst firm Gartner recommends that application security testing for all outsourced applications and maintenance should be mandatory. Veracode provides a simple and cost effective way for enterprises to create clear and measurable security metrics around application vulnerabilities and establish SLAs to encourage secure offshore software development standards with their outsourcing development partners. 

Assess the Security of Commercial Applications

The burden of minimizing risk and controlling operational cost from insecure third-party software has been placed largely on the enterprises purchasing Commercial applications. In most cases corporations do not have any insight into what vulnerabilities exist in these applications, resulting in an unacceptable level of unbounded risk. Veracode’s ARM program allows security professionals to quantify and manage security risks of Commercial software before it is deployed in-house.

Enable Secure Procurement without Requiring Source Code

The primary inhibitor to organizations being able to identify vulnerabilities in Commercial applications is the availability of application source code. Veracode’s breakthrough patented binary analysis removes this restriction and allows transparency into the security of Commercial applications without the need for source code or other vendor intellectual property.

Apply Standards-Based Independent Verification & Validation

As an independent and trusted provider of automated security ratings, Veracode can conduct a security testing more successfully without any bias, ensuring oversight and a clear audit trail to ensure Commercial suppliers meet both internal security best practices as well as formal regulatory compliance initiatives.

Automate Vendor Security Audits & Acceptance Testing

Veracode enables enterprises to conduct vendor security audits by a trusted entity as part of an organization’s formal vendor audit or acceptance testing process, without the need for source code or costly on-site consultants. Because Veracode’s cloud-based inspects the application at the same level that it is attacked, the binaries, it is the most complete, accurate, simplest and most affordable way to ensure that threats are detected in Commercial software.

Grow the VerAfied Software Directory with Applications You Rely On

The VerAfied and VerAfied High Assurance marks mean that Veracode has reviewed a Commercial application for application security vulnerabilities, such as the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25, and has found that the software has taken due care in securely coding the application.


Understand Open Source Security Risk

Given the current economic conditions and the strong development communities of many open source projects, enterprises are leveraging open source to lower costs, gain flexibility and accelerate innovation. However, a major inhibitor to widespread enterprise adoption of open source for business critical applications has been the lack of insight into the security of the code.

Veracode’s FREE Open Source Ratings Database

Veracode’s Open Source Ratings Database, is a first of its kind, central repository for security insight into enterprise-class open source projects. This effort helps spread adoption and usage of open source projects, while enabling enterprises to gain an understanding of the risk/benefit trade-off of integrating open source versus commercially developed software.

Open Source VerAfied

The VerAfied rating means that Veracode has reviewed an open source application for application security vulnerabilities, such as the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25, and has found that the open source project has taken due care in securely coding the application.