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Fix the Flaws You Find


Finding vulnerabilities in your code is the first step in creating a secure application. The second is remediation, which requires knowledge, experience, and specialized developers. What happens if you get stuck and don’t know the right way to remediate? Veracode provides you with access to Application Security Consultants, all former developers who have been in your shoes and have experience in developing applications and working through challenging remediations. With multiple ways to leverage these experts, our team is ready to make your remediations as fast and pain-free as possible.


ASC Product Page - Remediation Made Easier

Remediation Made Easier

Veracode Application Security Consultants (ASC) work with you to remediate flaws and vulnerabilities faster. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll prioritize remediation so you can focus on the most important issues first. Thanks to this coaching, your development team will learn how to write more secure code faster in the future and how to remediate more difficult flaws when they arise.

ASC Product Page - Faster Access to Expertise

Faster Access to Expertise

With our optional Accelerated Scheduling, you’ll get rapid and regular access to Veracode Application Security Consultants. You can arrange for one or more time slots per week for guaranteed time with an ASC. In addition, you can choose the option of next-day scheduling for guaranteed sessions within 24 hours.

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ASC Product Page - Talk to the same person every time

Talk to the same person every time

You can also receive more personalized and specialized service with a designated Application Security Expert with Remediation Advisory Solutions (RAS). This expert will act as a “personal trainer” for your engineering team, providing deeper analysis with expertise in application security, development, and your unique applications.

ASC Product Page - Independent Mitigations Review

Independent mitigations reviews to satisfy your auditors

When it’s not possible to remediate a finding, you might apply in-code compensating controls to eliminate or reduce risk. With our Mitigation Proposal Reviews, you leverage an impartial third party to confirm that the proposed in-code compensating controls address the risk as expected, and are valid, appropriate, and effective. In this way, you may satisfy auditors with an impartial, qualified review from a technical and compliance perspective.

ASC Product Page - Remediation Workflow in a Unified Platform

Remediation Workflow in a Unified Platform

With Veracode’s unified platform, you’ll prioritize your remediation with reports that are easy to understand and delegate to the teams responsible. The centralized view makes it easier to create and manage security policies and get attestations for government and industry regulations.